Difficulties with Foreign Languages

Difficulties with Foreign Languages have been experienced by many people trying to learn a foreign language.

Parts of foreign languages may be difficult for you:

GRAMMAR of a foreign language

VOCABULARY of a foreign language

SPEAKING a foreign language

LISTENING to a foreign language

READING a foreign language

COURSES in foreign language

PHRASE BOOKS for foreign language

COMMUNICATING in foreign countries


Difficulties Learning New Sounds in a Second Language

“Remember the difficulties you experienced trying to learn a second language?

Now those difficulties can be explained neurologically:

Sounds (phonemes) of that second language came into direct competition with the phonemes of your native language, which were encoded in your brain’s circuits over many years.

In order to become fluent in that second language, your brain has to establish totally new circuits.

And although new circuit formation can occur at any time in your life, it’s harder as you get older.”

[Adapted from the book The New Brain by Richard Restak, M.D.]


FRENCH NO LONGER IN 10 MOST POPULAR SCHOOL SUBJECTS IN ENGLAND. Foreign languages are believed to be among the most demanding subjects in the curriculum, with fears that many pupil are abandoning them to boost their overall results.

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Had Difficulties with Foreign Language?

Have you had difficutly trying to learn a foreign language in the past?

If so it would help to tell the world about it.

So other people who begin a foreign language can avoid those difficulties.


Which parts of foreign languages seem difficult to you:

foreign grammar

foreign vocabulary

speaking a foreign languasge

listening to it

reading it

courses in foreign language

phrase books

communicating in a foreign country

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