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Is Romanian your native language? If so, Easiest English for Romanian Speakers will reveal that you know more than you realize about English. Many English words look like Romanian.

So improving your English will be much easier for you, because Romanian has thousands of words similar to English, which can be called Easiest English.

Introduction To Easiest English For Romanian Speakers

Many English words are spelled exactly like Romanian. Even more English words are spelled slightly different than Romanian, but still look related.

Discover how much you know about Easiest English just because you know Romanian. You will recognize more English words than you realize.

Find out all the ways Easiest English is similar to Romanian, before starting to struggle with the differences.


1 -- In English some of the easiest words for Romanian speakers are English spelled like Romanian.

2 -- English Spelled Like Romanian Somewhat are words similar to Romanian, but spelled somewhat differently than Romanian -- although easily recognizable as clearly related to Romanian.

3 -- Easiest English Phrases For Romanian feature words similar to Romanian that will enable you to understand what is meant.

4 -- Easiest English Sentences For Romanian feature words similar to Romanian that will enable you to understand what is meant.

5 -- Some English Needs No Translation For Romanian because the words similar Romanian to will enable understanding of what is meant.

6 -- Some English Phrases Need No Translation For Romanian because the words similar Romanian to will enable understanding of what is meant.

7 -- The very easiest English Pronunciations are English words spelled like Romanian and also pronounced like Romanian.


Since so many English words resemble Romanian, it makes sense to take advantage of your experience with those look-alike words. You have spent years or an entire lifetime with these Romanian words that resemble English words. You know how to pronounce them, what they mean, how to use them in conversation, all without thinking about them consciously. Think a thought and these words spring to mind. So will their English relatives, perhaps just a little more slowly.

A thousand English words similar to Romanian are easier to remember than ten foreign English words unrelated to Romanian.


Easiest foreign languages have many words similar to your native language.

For Romanian-speakers, the easiest languages are the other Romance languages [from Roman Latin] – which are Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French – all of which have many words similar to Romanian, as does English.

In each language, the parts similar to Romanian can be called Easiest English, Easiest Spanish, Easiest Italian, Easiest Portuguese, and Easiest French. These are the words of each language that are similar to Romanian.

Each of these Easiest Foreign Languages has thousands of words similar to Romanian, including English.


Romanian Words That Don’t Match Equivalents In Other Romance Languages

From linguist John McWhorter’s book, What Language Is

Of the five major Romance languages, Romanian is the odd one out [so to speak].

After some experience with French, Spanish, Italian, and / or Portuguese, take a crack at Romanian or even just try to read some, and it turns out to be…full of words that don’t match with their equivalents in the other [Romance] languages.

You’re used to words like aimer, amar, and amare for love, only to find that the Romanian word is iubi.

You’re waiting for a word like temps or tiempo for time, but instead it’s some word seemingly out of nowhere, like ceas.

A Romanian I once knew had mixed feelings about this. She had learned enough French to notice that most of the words were familiar from her language, but that so very many were not.

She wanted to know why, and I told her that it was because Romanian had developed farther to the east than French, among people who also spoke Slavic languages.

The Romanian case seems remarkable only because it’s the odd man out in its group [of Romance languages], as an accident of geography.

Iubi for love is cognate to words like Russian’s ljubit’ (just shave off the l), and that the ceas word for time seems less odd when we know that the way to ask the time in Russian is kotoryj ĉas?, “which time?”

The Slavic flavor of Romanian is perhaps most neatly encapsulated in the simple fact that the word for yes is da.




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