Easiest English Introduction

Is your native language one of these ten? Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Romanian?

If so, you know more than you realize about English. Many easiest English words look like words in your language.

So improving your English will be much easier for you, because all of these languages have thousands of words similar to English, which can be called Easiest English.


For adult beginners, reading some English is easiest.

When you first encounter English in print, you will be able to recognize and read the words similar to your language.

Because English and your language share many words that look similar in print, the easiest ability for you to develop will be reading some English.


Reading English has become a crucial to learn since the primary language used on the internet and world-wide-web is English.

So when you see English on the internet, you can skim through it looking for words you recognize as related to your language.


When you travel, recognizing even a few words of English related to your language can be of help to you in English-speaking countries.

Seeing English words similar to your language will enable you to begin to read some English.

If you are an adult new to English, you will find that reading words in English is much easier than speaking and listening.


For example, imagine you are on your first flight to the USA. You settle into your seat on the plane, excited about going to a foreign country, but also dreading the language barrier, the difficulty of communicating with limited English.

Then imagine that you pick up the in-flight magazine and discover an article that is an Easiest English Introduction. Here is the gist of it, with only some of the examples:


There are 150 Easiest English words to describe your airplane flight that are similar to words in your language. This is Easiest English.

1. The very easiest are words from your language borrowed by English.

2. English Words Spelled and Pronounced Like Words in Your Language.

Some Easiest English words are pronounced almost the same way as in your language. If you pronounce these words as you usually do in your language, an English-speaker will understand what you mean.

3. English Words Spelled Like your Language, But Pronounced Differently.

Next-easiest are English words spelled like words in your language, with some parts pronounced the same, but other parts pronounced differently.

The stress may be on a different part of the word in English than in your language.

4. English Words Spelled Differently Than Your Language.

English words similar to ones in your language -- but spelled differently -- can help you realize that they are really English words even though they look a lot like your language.

The next-easiest are English words spelled like ones in your language – but with an additional letter added at the end.

Other English words are spelled like your language, but with several letters added at the end.

Other English words start out spelled like your language, but letters are missing at the end.

5. The next-easiest are English words spelled in increasingly different ways than your native language. There are several types listed below:

Some English words related to your language have a different letter at the start.

More English words start out spelled like your language, but have a different letter at the end.

Other English words also start out spelled like your language, but toward the end are spelled differently to varying degrees.

6. Finally, sometimes an English word looks similar to another word in your language which is somehow related enough to suggest the correct meaning of the English word.

Some English words resemble less-used synonyms in your language.

Other English words are loosely related to your language words, but close enough to help you remember what the English words mean.


Note: Although there are so many easiest English words that resemble your native language and mean something similar, others English words that resemble your language have different meanings. So not all English words that look like your language are truly easiest.


Learning a foreign language is never EASY.

But some foreign languages are EASIER than others.

English with many words like your language is one of the EASIEST.


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