Easiest English Phrases For Swedish

Easiest English Phrases For Swedish feature words similar to Swedish that will enable you to understand what is meant.

Use the spelling and/or sound of each word similar to Swedish to help you figure out its meaning.

After single words in English spelled like Swedish, a good next step is short phrases of several words similar to Swedish.

To keep it easiest, these are phrases but not sentences, as are in Phrase Books for Travel. Sentences may have too many words to deal with when you are just beginning.

The English version is placed first to get you in the habit of looking for and recognizing English words similar to ones in your own language and deducing what the English words mean by yourself without being given the translation first.

From the key words similar to Swedish you should be able to make out the meanings of the other English connecting words that are not similar to Swedish. Use the words similar to Swedish as clues to the meanings of the other English words.

Try to just get the overall meaning of each phrase without trying to translate each unfamiliar English word. Many are like phrases in Swedish that express ideas you have said or heard often before.

These phrases in English are followed by the Swedish words that would be a good guess using as clues the English words similar to Swedish. So as a result these are rough translations of the English phrases, which may not be the exact meanings, but will be close enough that you could deduce what is meant.

After the English and Swedish versions of each phrase is the pronunciation of the English phrase.

The easiest way is to just read them. Or if you see some you might possibly use on your trip to an English speaking country, you can try to pronounce them, which is not easiest.

Consider each phrase as a puzzle you can probably solve. Have fun with the challenge of it. Try to guess what each English phrase means without looking at the rough Swedish version. See how far down the list you can get.

[In the following pronunciation guide, only English words pronounced like Swedish are included now, enclosed in single quotation marks. The rest of the English pronunciations will be added later.]




a cup of coffee -- en kopp kaffe

a cup of tea -- en kopp te -- [‘te’]

a cup of tea with milk -- en kopp te med mjölk -- [‘te’]

a cup of tea with milk -- en kopp thé med mjölk -- [‘thé’]

a cup of coffee without caffeine -- en kopp kaffe med utan koffein

a glass of red wine -- ett glas rött vin

a glass of white wine -- ett glas vitt vin

alcohol-free drink -- alkoholfri dryk -- [-‘fri’]

allergic to penicillin -- allergisk mot penicillin

allergic to antibiotics -- allergisk mot antibiotika

allergic reaction -- allergisk reaction

antiseptic salve -- antiseptisk salva

botanical garden -- botaniska trädgården

book a room -- bokat ett rum

book a time -- bokat en tid

books in English -- böcker på engelska

camping place near here -- campingplats i närheten

check out -- checka ut

coffee without caffeine -- kaffe med utan koffein

chemical toilet -- kemiska toaletten

classical music -- klassisk musik

club with live music -- klubb med livemusik -- [‘klubb’ ‘live’]

club with local music -- klubb med lokal musik -- [‘klubb’]

come here -- komma här

come to the telephone -- komma till telefonen

digital photos -- digitala foton

first bus to Stockholm -- första bussen till Stockholm

first class -- första klass -- [‘klass’]

flight to New York -- flyget till New York

for a day

for a conference -- för en konferens

for one person -- för en person

for one week -- för en vecka

for a seminar -- för ett seminarium

for souvenirs -- för souvenirer

for three nights -- för tre nätter

for two persons -- för två personer

from the USA -- från USA

four door -- fyra dörrar

go to the toilet (restroom) -- gå på toaletten -- [‘gå’]

half kilo -- halvt kilo -- [‘kilo’]

half liter -- halvt liter -- [‘liter’]

handicapped toilet -- handikappan toalett

help me -- hjälpa mig

hotel near here -- hotel i närheten -- [‘hotel’]

hotel in Stockholm -- hotel i Stockholm -- [‘hotel’]

How long? -- Hur länge?

How long? -- Hur långt?

how much -- hur mycket

house wine -- husets vin

in a tourist group -- i en turistgrupp

in Stockholm -- i Stockholm

information on -- information om

information on a sightseeing tour -- information om en sightseeingtur -- ['sightseeing']

lift pass for a day -- liftpass för en dag -- [‘liftpass’]

log in -- logga in -- [‘in’]

log out -- logga ut

local music -- lokal musik

menu in english -- meny på engelska

my e-mail address -- min e-postadress

my family -- min familj

my credit card -- mina kreditkort

my number -- mitt nummer

my telephone number -- mitt telefonnummer

nearest park -- närmaste park -- [‘park’]

next flight -- nästa flyg

one million -- en miljon

flight number -- flyg nummer

open the door -- öppna dörren

over night -- över natten

package by express -- paketet med express

park here -- parkera här

parking forbidden -- parkering förbjuden

parking place near here -- parkeringplats i närheten

per day -- per dag

per kilometer -- per kilometer

per week -- per vecka

platform to Stockholm -- plattformen till Stolkholm

platform three -- plattform tre

pub near here -- pub i närheten

recommend a hotel -- rekommendera ett hotel -- [‘hotel’]

recommend a cafe -- rekommendera ett kafé -- [‘kafé’]

recommend a restaurant -- rekommendera en restaurang

recommend a sightseeing tour -- rekommendera en sightseeingtur -- [‘sightseeing’]

restaurant near here -- restaurang i närheten

rött vin -- red wine

sit there -- sitta där

sit here -- sitta här

snowboard for a day -- snowboard för en dag -- [‘snowboard’]

take photos -- ta foton

tea with milk -- te med mjölk -- [‘te’]

tea with milk -- thé med mjölk -- [‘thé’]

tour in English -- tur på engelska

tourist class -- turist klass -- [‘klass’]

two door -- två dörrar

under here -- under här -- [‘under’]

vaginal infektion -- vaginal infection

vodka (with) tonic -- vodka med tonic -- [‘vodka’ ‘tonic’]

vodka (with) water -- vodka med vatten -- [‘vodka’]

white wine -- vitt vin



Some English phrases have words in a different order than they would be in Swedish, but in spite of this you should be able to understand what the following phrases mean.


bikini wax -- vaxning av bikinilinjen

eyebrow wax -- vaxning av ögenbrynen

three o’clock -- klockan tre

till three o’clock -- till klockan tre -- [‘till’]



In some cases, a two word phrase in English is similar to one word in Swedish.


alcohol-free -- alkoholfri -- [-‘fri’]

aluminum foil -- aluminiumfolie

beef steak -- biffstek

business center -- businesscentret -- [‘business’]

bus terminal -- bussterminalen -- [‘buss’]

camping place -- campingplats -- [‘camping’]

conference room -- konferensrummet

contact lens -- kontaktlins

credit card -- kreditkort

dessert wine -- dessertvin

drink list -- drinklistan -- [‘drink’]

double room -- dubbelrum -- [‘dubbel’]

e-mail address -- e-postadress

fax number -- faxnummer -- [‘fax’]

fruit juice -- fruktjuice

fruit salad -- fruktsallad -- [‘sallad’]

golf clubs -- golfklubbor -- [‘golf’]

hair spray -- hårspray -- [‘spray’]

heart problem -- hjärproblem

insect bite -- insektbett

internet café -- internetkafé -- [‘kafé’]

kiwi fruit -- kiwifrukt

lactose Intolerant -- laktosintolerant

life boat -- livbåt

live music livemusik -- [‘live’]

mineral water -- mineralvatten

mobile (cell) telephone -- mobiltelefonen

nail file -- nagelfil

nagelvårdssalong -- nail salon

nature preserve -- naturreservatet

parking place -- parkeringplats

potato salad -- potatissallad -- [‘sallad’]

potato soup -- potatissoppa

roast beef -- rostbiff -- [‘rost’]

rump steak -- rumpstek -- [‘rump’]

rumservice -- room service

sightseeingtur -- sightseeing tour -- ['sightseeing']

soda water -- sodavatten -- [‘soda’]

summer hotel -- sommarhotel -- [‘hotel’]

souvenir boutique -- souvenirbutiken -- [ ‘souvenir’]

T-bone steak -- T-benstek

telephone card -- telefonkort

telephone number -- telefonnummer

tennis match -- tennismatchen -- [‘tennis’]

toilet paper -- toalettpapper

tomato soup -- tomatsoppa

tuna fish -- tonfisk

tour in English -- turer på engelska

tourist group -- turistgrupp

tourist information -- turistinformationen

warm (hot) chocolate -- varmchoklad

warm (hot) water -- varmvatten

waterfall -- vattenfallet -- [-‘fall’]

water skis -- vattenskidor

weather report -- väderleksrapporten

wine list -- vinlistan

with (a) bathroom -- med badrum

with a credit card -- med kreditkort

with room service -- med rumservice


check-in -- incheckingen

program of events -- evenemangsprogram -- [‘program’]



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