Easiest French Phrases


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Easiest French Phrases feature words similar to English that will enable you to understand what is meant.

Use the spelling and/or sound of each word similar to English to help you figure out its meaning.

After single words in French spelled like English, a good next step is short phrases of several words similar to English.

To keep it easiest, these are phrases but not sentences, as are in so-called Phrase Books for Travel. Sentences have too many words to deal with when you are just beginning.

From the key words similar to English you should be able to make out the meanings of the other French connecting words that are not similar to English. Use the words similar to English as clues to the meanings of the other French words.

Try to just get the overall meaning of each phrase without trying to translate each unfamiliar French word. Many are like phrases in English that express ideas you have said or heard often before.

The foreign version is placed first to encourage you to look for and recognize foreign words similar to ones in English -- and deduce what the foreign words mean by yourself without being given the translation first.

These phrases in French are followed by the English words that would be a good guess using as clues the French words similar to English.

So as a result these are rough translations of the French phrases, which may not be the exact meanings, but will be close enough that you could deduce what is meant.

After the French and English versions of each phrase is the pronunciation of the French phrase.

The easiest way is to just read them. Or if you see some you might possibly use on your trip to France, you can try to pronounce them, which is not easiest.

In French all syllables are pronounced with almost equal stress, but with slightly more stress on the final syllable in most words (but not all words).

With these French words spelled like English, it is important to avoid putting stress on whatever syllable you usually would stress in English. So in the French pronunciation guide, the syllable to stress slightly is in capitals.

Consider each phrase as a puzzle you can probably solve. Have fun with the challenge of it. Try to guess what each French phrase means without looking at the rough English version. See how far down the list you can get.




accès à l’Internet -- access to the internet -- [ahk-SEH ah ehng-tehr-NEHT]

accès pour handicapés -- access for the handicapped -- [ahk-SEH poor awng-dee-kah-PAY]

afro-américain(e) -- Afro-American -- [ah-froh-ah-may-ree-KEHNG(KEHN)]

agent de la sécurité -- security guard -- [aw-ZHAHNG duh lah say-koo-ree-TAY]

à l’hôtel -- at the hotel -- [ah loh-TEHL]

à l’intersection -- at the intersection -- [ah lehng-tehr-sehk-see-YOHN]

allergique à la fumée -- allergic to smoke -- [ah-lehr-ZHEEK ah lah few-MAY]

allergique à la pénicilline -- allergic to penicillin -- [ah-lehr-ZHEEK ah lah pay-nee-see-LEEN]

allergique aux antibiotiques -- allergic to antibiotics -- [ah-lehr-ZHEEK oh zawhng-tee-bee-yoh-TEEK]

allergique au gluten -- allergic to gluten -- [ah-lehr-ZHEEK oh glew-TAWNG]

allergique au lactose -- allergic to lactose -- [ah-lehr-ZHEEK oh lahk-TOHZ]

allergique aux stéroïdes -- allergic to steroids -- [ah-lehr-ZHEEK oh stay-roh-EED]

allergique aux sulfamides -- allergic to sulfa drugs -- [ah-lehr-ZHEEK oh sool-fah-MEED]

audio guide -- audio guide -- [oh-dee-YOH geed]

audio guide en anglais -- audio guide in English -- [oh-dee-YOH geed awng nawng-GLAY]

autres coûts -- other costs -- [OH-truhs koo]

autres langues -- other languages -- [OH-truh lawng]

avec une groupe -- with a group -- [ah-VEHK oon ‘group’]

Avez-vous -- Have you -- [ah-vay-VOO]

barre de chocolat -- bar of chocolate -- [bahr duh shoh-koh-LAH]

bed and breakfast -- bed and breakfast -- [ ‘bed and’ brayk-FAHST]

boîte de chocolats -- box of chocolates -- [bwaht duh shoh-koh-LAH]

bouteille de bière -- bottle of beer -- [boo-TEHY duh bee-YEHR]

bouteille de vin -- bottle of wine -- [boo-TEHY duh vehng]

carafe de vin -- carafe of wine -- [‘carafe’ duh vehng]

cartes acceptées -- credit cards accepted -- [kahrt ahk-sehp-TAY]

casino à bord -- casino aboard -- [kah-zee-NOH ah bohr]

changer de bus -- change buses -- [shawng-ZHAY duh bews]

changer de place -- change place (seat) -- [shawng-ZHAY duh plahs]

changer de train -- change trains -- [shawng-ZHAY duh trehng]

changer le bébé -- change the baby -- [shawng-ZHAY luh bay-BAY]

changer ma réservation -- change my reservation -- [shawng-ZHAY mah ray-zehr-vah-see-YOHN]

chewing gum -- chewing gum -- [shew-weeng ‘gum’]

compatible avec iTunes -- compatible with iTunes -- [kohng-pat-TEE-bluh ah-VEHK ee-TOON]

confirmer ma réservation -- confirm my reservation -- [kohng-feer-MAY mah ray-zehr-vah-see-YOHNG]

connecter à l’Internet -- connect to the internet -- [koh-nehk-TAY ah ehng-tehr-NEHT]

consulter un chiropracticien -- consult a chiropractor -- [kawng-sool-TAY uhng kee-roh-prahk-tees-YEHNG]

consulter un dermatologist -- consult a dermatologue -- [kawng-sool-TAY uhng dayr-mah-toh-LOHG]

consulter un gynécologue -- consult a gynecologist -- [kawng-sool-TAY uhng zhee-nay-koh-LOHG]

consulter un optométriste -- consult a optometrist -- [kawng-sool-TAY uhng ohp-toh-may-TREEST]

contenir des traces de -- contain traces of -- [kohng-teh-NEER day trahs duh]

coûte par heure -- cost per hour -- [koot pahr uhr]

coûte par kilomètre -- cost per kilometer -- [koot pahr kee-loh-MEH-truh]

crème d’asperges -- cream of asparagus -- [krehm dah-SPEHRZH]

cyber café -- cyber (internet) café -- [see-BEHR ‘cafe’]

dans une minute -- in a minute -- [dawng zoon mee-NOOT]

danser avec moi -- dance with me -- [dawng-SAY ah-vehk mwah]

danser le roc -- dance rock -- [dawng-SAY luh rohk]

danser le slow -- dance slow -- [dawng-SAY luh ‘slow’]

deux heures -- two hours -- [duh zewr]

deux valises -- two suitcases (travel) -- [duh vah-LEEZ]

différents styles -- different styles -- [dee-fay-RAWNG steel]

échanger des dollars en euros -- exchange dollars into euros -- [ay-shawng-ZHAY day doh-LAHR awng nuh-ROH]

échanger ma réservation -- change my reservation -- [ay-shawng-ZHAY mah ray-zehr-vah-see-YOHNG]

en cas de problème -- in case of problems -- [awng kah duh proh-BLEHM]

en transit -- in transit -- [awng trawng-ZEET]

en vacances -- on vacation -- [zhuh swee awng vah-KAWNGS]

film en anglais -- film in English -- [feelm awng nawng-GLAY]

film en français -- film in French -- [feelm awng frawng-SAY]

guide en anglais -- guide (book) in English -- [geed awng nawng-GLAY]

histoire de cette région -- history of this region -- [ees-TWAHR duh seht ray-zhee-YOHNG]

hot dog -- hot dog -- [oht dohg]

insectes dans cette chambre -- insects in this room -- [ehng-SEHKT dawng seht SHAWNG-bruh]

insérez la carte -- insert the card -- [awng-seh-ray lah kahrt]

jet ski -- jet ski -- [zheht ‘ski’]

juste en transit -- just in transit -- [zhews tawng trawng-ZEET]

Je voudrais -- I would like -- [zhuh voo-DRAY]

leçon avec un professionnel -- lesson with a professional -- [leh-SOHNG ah-VEHK uhng proh-feh-see-yoh-NEHL]

longue distance -- long distance -- [‘long’ dee-STAWNGS]

ma cousine -- my cousin (f) -- [mah koo-ZEEN]

ma fiancée -- my fiancée (f) -- [mah ‘fiancée’]

ma niece -- my niece -- [mah nee-YEHS]

ma profession -- my profession -- [mah proh-fehs-see-YOHNG]

ma tante -- my aunt -- [mah tawngt]

menu du jour -- menu of the day -- [muh-NEW dew zhoor]

menu en anglais -- menu in English -- [muh-NEW awng nawng-GLAY]

menu pour diabétiques -- menu for diabetics -- [muh-NEW poor dee-yah-bay-teek]

mes compliments -- my compliments -- [may kohng-plee-MAWNG ]

mes grand-parents -- my grandparents -- [may grawng-pah-RAWNG]

mes parents -- my parents -- [may pah-RAWNG]

message pour moi -- message for me -- [meh-SAHZH poor mwah]

mon cousin -- my cousin (m) -- [mohng koo-ZEHNG]

mon enfant -- my infant (child) -- [mohng nawng-FAWNG]

mon fiancé -- my fiancé (m) -- [mohng ‘fiancé’]

mon hôtel -- my hotel -- [mohng noh-TEHL]

mon neveu -- my nephew -- [mohng neh-VOH]

mon nom -- my name -- [mohng nohng]

mon numéro -- my number -- [mohng new-may-ROH]

mon numéro de téléphone -- my telephone number -- [mohng new-may-ROH duh tay-lay-FOHN]

mon oncle -- my uncle -- [mohng NOHNG-kluh]

mon partenaire -- my partner -- [mohng ‘partner’]

mon passeport -- my passport -- [mohng pahs-POHR]

mon sac -- my bag (travel) -- [mohng sahk]

néo-zélandais(e) -- New Zealander -- [nay-oh-zay-lawng-DEY(DEHZ)] non alcoolisée -- non-alcoholic -- [nohng nahl-koo-lee-ZAY]

non fumeur -- non-smoking -- [nohng foo-MEWR]

non-gazeuse -- without gas -- [nohng gah-ZEWZ]

nourriture pour bébe -- baby food -- [noo-ree-TUHR poor bay-BAY]

numéro d’un taxi -- (phone) number of a taxi -- [new-may-ROH duhng tahk-SEE]

numéro du train -- number of the train -- [new-may-ROH doo trehng]

numéro du train et sa destination -- number of the train and its destination -- [new-may-ROH doo trehng ay sah deh-stee-nah-see-YOHNG]

occupants de la chambre -- occupants of the room -- [oh-koo-PAWNG duh lah SHAWNG-bruh]

office de tourisme -- office of tourism (information) -- [oh-FEES duh too-REES-muh]

Oh non! -- Oh no! -- [oh nohng]

omelette aux fines herbes -- omelet with minced herbs -- [‘omelet’ oh feen ehrb]

Où est -- Where is -- [oo ay]

pack de cigarettes -- pack of cigarettes -- [pahk duh ‘cigarette’]

paquet de cigarettes -- pack of cigarettes -- [pak-KAY duh ‘cigarette’]

payer la taxe -- pay the tax -- [pay-YAY lah tahks]

payer par carte -- pay by (credit) card -- [pay-YAY pahr kahrt]

pièce d’identité -- piece of identification (ID) -- [pee-YEHS dee-dawng-tee-TAY]

pièce de pizza -- piece of pizza -- [pee-YEHS duh peed-ZAH]

placer vos bagages -- place your bags – [plah-SAY voh bag-GAHZH]

plan en cas de probleme -- plan in case of problems -- [plawng awng kah duh proh-BLEHM]

plus de buerre -- extra butter -- [ploo duh buhr]

plus petite -- smaller -- [ploo ‘petite’]

plus spacieuse -- more spacious -- [ploo spah-see-YUHZ] pop musique -- pop music -- [pohp mew-ZEEK]

portions pour enfants -- portions for infants -- [pohr-see-YOHNG poor awng-FAWNG]

pour six -- for six -- [poor sees]

pour six heures -- for six hours -- [poor sees uhr]

pour six nuits -- for six nights -- [poor sees nwee]

pour les enfants -- for the infants (kids) -- [poor lay zawng-FAWNG]

pour un -- for one -- [poor uhng]

première classe -- first class -- [pruh-mee-YEHR klahs]

premier bus -- first bus -- [pruh-mee-YAY bews]

premier ferry -- first ferry -- [pruh-mee-YAY fay-REE]

premier train -- first train -- [pruh-mee-YAY trehng]

prix au kilomètre -- price per kilometer -- [pree oh kee-loh-MEH-truh]

prix d’entrée -- price to enter (cover charge) -- [pree dawng-TRAY]

prix par nuit -- price per night -- [pree pahr nwee]

promenade au parc -- promenade in the park -- [‘promenade’ oh pahr]

prudent de continuer -- prudent to continue -- [proo-DAWNG duh kohng-tee-noo-AY]

recevoir un fax -- receive a fax -- [ruh-suh-VWAH un fahks]

recommander une baby-sitter -- recommend a baby-sitter -- [reh-koh-mawng-DAY ewn bah-bee-see-TUHR]

recommander un bed and breakfast -- recommend a bed and breakfast (B&B) -- [reh-koh-mawng-DAY uhng ‘bed and breakfast’]

recommander un dentiste -- recommend a dentiste -- [reh-koh-mawng-DAY uhng dawng-TEEST]

recommander un docteur -- recommend a doctor -- [reh-koh-mawng-DAY uhng dohk-TUHR]

recommander un hôtel -- recommend a hotel -- [reh-koh-mawng-DAY uhng noh-TEHL]

recommander un motel -- recommend a motel -- [reh-koh-mawng-DAY uhng moh-TEHL]

recommander un pédiatre -- recommend a pediatrician -- [reh-koh-mawng-DAY uhng pay-dee-AH-truh]

recommander un restaurant -- recommend a restaurant -- [reh-koh-mawng-DAY uhng rehs-toh-RAWNG]

réduction aux enfants -- reduction (discount) for infants -- [ray-dewk-see-YOHNG noh zawng-FAWNG]

réduction aux étudiants -- reduction (discount) for students -- [ray-dewk-see-YOHNG noh zay-tew-dee-YAWNG]

réduction pour les enfants -- reduction (discount) for infants -- [ray-dewk-see-YOHNG poor lay zawng-FAWNG]

réduction pour les étudiants -- reduction (discount) for students -- [ray-dewk-see-YOHNG poor lay zay-tew-dee-YAWNG]

réduction pour les seniors -- reduction (discount) for seniors -- [ray-dewk-see-YOHNG poor lay say-NYOHR]

réduction pour les touristes -- reduction (discount) for tourists -- [ray-dewk-see-YOHNG poor lay too-REEST]

réparer la télé -- repair the television -- [ray-pah-RAY lah tay-LAY]

réparer le toilette -- repair the toilet -- [ray-pah-RAY lay twah-LEHT]

réservée aux femmes -- reserved for females -- [ray-zehr-VAY oh fahm]

réservé aux membres -- reserved for members -- [ray-zehr-VAY oh MAWNG-bruh]

réserver un appartement -- reserve an apartment -- [ray-zehr-VAY uhng nah-pahrt-MAWNG]

réserver une table -- reserve a table -- [ray-zehr-VAY ewn TAH-bluh]

restaurant spécialisé dans les steaks -- restaurant specializing in steaks -- [rehs-toh-RAWNG spay-see-yah-lee-ZAY dawng lay ‘steak’]

sans danger -- without danger -- [sawng dawng-ZHAY]

sans risque -- without risk -- [sawng reesk]

s’il vous plaît -- if you please -- [seel voo play]

six divisé par deux -- six divided by two --[seess dee-vee-SAY pahr duh]

six heures -- six hours -- [see zewr]

six moins six -- six minus six --[seess mwehng seess]

six plus six -- six plus six --[seess plew seess]

six sacs -- six bags (travel) -- [sees sahk]

soustitres en anglais -- subtitles in English -- [soo-TEE-truh awng nawng-GLAY]

spécial pour le week-end -- special for the weekend -- [spay-see-YAHL poor luh ‘weekend’]

suffisamment d’espace -- sufficient space -- [soo-fee-zah-MAWNG day-SPAHS]

table pour deux -- table for two -- [TAH-bluh poor duh]

table pour six -- table for six -- [TAH-bluh poor sees]

toilettes accessibles aux handicapés -- toilets accessible for the handicapped -- [twah-LEHT ahk-seh-SEE-bluh oh awng-dee-kah-PAY]

toilettes dans ce camping -- toilets in the campground -- [twah-LEHT dawng suh kawng-PEENG]

trop fumeuse -- too smoky-- [troh foo-MEWZ]

trop large -- too large -- [troh lahrzh]

trop long -- too long -- [troh ‘long’]

trop petit -- too petite -- [troh puh-TEE]

truite aux amandes -- trout with almonds -- [trweet oh zah-MAWNGD]

type de musique -- type of music -- [teep duh moo-ZEEK]

un instant -- one moment -- [uhng nehngs-TAWNG]

un plus un -- one plus one --[uhng plew zuhng]

une autre -- one other (another) -- [ewn oh-truh]

une autre bouteille -- another bottle -- [ewn oh-truh boo-TEHY]

une autre chambre -- another room -- [ewn OH-truh SHAWNG-bruh]

une autre coleur -- another color -- [ew-NOH-truh koo-LEWR]

vin de dessert -- dessert wine -- [vehng duh day-SEHR]

vin de table -- table wine -- [vehng duh TAH-bluh]

voyage avec un groupe -- travel with a group -- [vwah-YAHZH ah-VEK uhng ‘group’]

voyage seul(e) -- travel solo -- [vwah-YAHZH soehl]



Some French phrases have words in a different order than they would be in English, but in spite of this you should be able to understand what the following phrases mean.

In French, adjectives often follow the nouns they modify, whereas in English adjectives usually precede the nouns they modify.


Acceptez-vous -- Do you accept -- [ahk-sehp-tay-VOO]

agence de voyage -- travel agency -- [ah-ZHAWNGS duh vwah-YAHZH]

animaux sauvages -- wild animals -- [ah-nee-MOH soh-VAHZH]

Avez-vous -- Do you have -- [ah-vay-VOO]

bain privé -- private bathroom -- [behng pree-VAY]

balles de golf -- golf balls -- [bahl duh ‘golf’]

balles neuves -- new balls -- [bahl nuhv]

bière en bouteille -- bottled beer -- [bee-YEHR awng boo-TEHY]

bière importée -- imported beer -- [bee-YEHR ehng-pohr-TAY]

bière locale -- local beer -- [bee-YEHR loh-KAHL]

bus direct -- direct bus -- [bews dee-REHKT]

cabine individuelle -- private cabin -- [kah-BEEN ehng-dee-vee-doo-EHL]

cabine téléphonique -- (tele)phone booth -- [kah-BEEN tay-lay-foh-NEEK]

carte de crédit -- credit card -- [kahrt duh kray-DEE]

carte de membre -- membership card -- [kahrt duh mawng-bruh]

carte de téléphone -- telephone card -- [kahrt duh tay-lay-FOHN]

carte téléphonique -- telephone card -- [kahrt tay-lay-foh-NEEK]

carte internationale d’étudiant -- international student card -- [kahrt ehng-tehr-nah-see-oh-NAHL day-tew-dee-YAWNG]

carte mémoire -- memory card -- [kahrt may-MWAHR]

carte postale -- postcard -- [kahrt pohs-TAHL]

carte téléphonique prépayée -- pre-paid telephone card -- [kahrt tay-lay-foh-NEEK pray-pay-AY]

carte Visa -- Visa card -- [kahrt ‘Visa’]

centre commercial -- commercial (shopping) center -- [sawng-truh koh-mehr-see-YAHL]

chambre non fumeur -- non-smoking room -- [SHAWNG-bruh nohng foo-MEWR]

chambre plus spacieuse -- more spacious room -- [SHAWNG-bruh ploo spah-see-YUHZ]

chaise haute pour bébé -- high chair for a baby -- [shay zoht poor bay-BAY]

chèques de voyages -- traveler’s checks -- [shehk duh vwah-YAHZH]

classe économique -- economy class -- [klahs ay-koh-noh-MEEK]

clé supplémentaire -- spare key -- [klay soo-play-mawng-TEHR]

clubs de golf -- golf clubs -- [kloob duh ‘golf’]

club de jazz -- jazz club -- [‘club’ duh zhahz]

club de musique française -- club with French music -- [‘club’ duh mew-ZEEK frawng-SEHZ]

club gay -- gay club -- [‘club gay’]

coca light -- diet soda -- [koh-KAH ‘light’]

code d’identification -- identification code -- [‘code’ dee-dawng-tee-fee-kah-see-YOHNG]

code national -- country code -- [‘code’ nah-see-yoh-NAHL]

code régional -- area code -- [‘code’ ray-zhee-yoh-NAHL]

compte chèques -- checking account -- [kohngt shehk]

connexion internet -- internet connection -- [koh-nek-see-YOHNG ehng-tehr-NEHT]

connexion Wi-Fi -- Wi-Fi connection -- [koh-nek-see-YOHNG ehng-tehr-NEHT wee-FEE]

courts de tennis -- tennis courts -- [koor duh tay-NEES]

crème antiseptique -- antiseptic cream -- [krehm awng-tee-sehp-TEEK]

économie française -- French economy -- [ay-koh-noh-MEE frawng-SEHZ]

éducation catholique -- Catholic education -- [ay-dew-kah-see-YOHNG kah-toh-LEEK]

effets secondaires -- secondary (side) effects -- [eh-FEH suh-kohng-DEHR]

election americaine -- American election -- [eh-lehk-see-YOHNG ah-may-ree-KEHN]

election française -- French election -- [eh-lehk-see-YOHNG frawng-SEHZ]

en anglais -- in English -- [awng nawng-GLAY]

en format américain -- in American format -- [awng fohr-MAH ah-may-ree-KEHNG]

États Uni -- United States -- [ay-TAH zew-NEE]

femme de chambre -- room maid -- [fahm duh SHAWNG-bruh]

format américain -- American format -- [fohr-MAH ah-may-ree-KEHNG]

heures de visite -- visiting hours -- [zuhr duh vee-ZEET]

infection vaginale -- vaginal infection -- [ehng-fehk-see-YOHNG vah-zhee-NAHL]

internet à large bande -- broadband internet -- [lehng-tehr-NEHT ah lahrzh bahnd]

internet Wi-Fi -- Wi-Fi internet -- [ehng-tehr-NEHT wee-FEE]

jardin botanique -- botanical garden -- [zhahr-DEHNG boh-tah-NEEK]

juice de fruit -- fruit juice -- [zhew duh frwee]

juice d’orange -- orange juice -- [zhew doh-rawngzh]

langue préférée -- preferred language -- [lawng pray-fay-RAY]

ligne téléphonique -- telephone line -- [LEEN-yuh tay-lay-foh-NEEK]

liste des vins -- wine list -- [leest day vehng]

lentille de contact -- contact lens -- lawhng-TEE-yuh duh kohng-TAHK]

longeur totale -- total length --[lohng-GUHR toh-TAHL]

lotion anti-insectes -- insect lotion (repellent) -- [loh-see-YOHNG awng-tee-ehng-SEHKT]

ma carte de crédit -- my credit card -- [mah kahrt duh kray-DEE]

marché en plein air -- open-air market -- [mahr-SHAY ehng plehng n’air’]

massage sportif -- sports massage -- [‘massage’ spohr-TEEF]

match de boxe -- boxing match -- [‘match’ duh ‘box’]

match de cricket -- cricket match -- [‘match’ duh kree-KEH]

match de golf -- golf match -- [‘match’ duh ‘golf’]

match de tennis -- tennis match -- [‘match’ duh tay-NEES]

match de baseball -- baseball game -- [‘match’ duh bays-BOHL]

match de basketball -- basketball game -- [‘match’ duh bahs-keht-BOHL]

match de volley-ball -- volleyball match -- [‘match’ duh voh-lee-BOHL]

me contacter -- contact me -- [muh kohng-tahk-TAY]

menu à la carte -- à la carte menu -- [muh-NEW ‘à la carte’]

menu à prix fixe -- fixed-price menu -- [muh-NEW ah pree feeks]

menu enfant -- infants' (children’s) menu -- [muh-NEW awng-FAWNG]

menu kasher -- kosher menu -- [muh-NEW kah-SHEHR]

menu végétarien -- vegetarian menu -- [muh-NEW vay-zhay-tah-ree-YEHNG]

minutes sur ma carte téléphonique -- minutes on my telephone card -- [mee-newt soor mah kahrt tay-lay-foh-NEEK]

mousse au chocolat -- chocolate mousse -- [‘mousse’ oh shoh-koh-LAH]

musique classique -- classical music -- [mew-ZEEK klah-SEEK]

musique folklorique -- folk music -- [mew-ZEEK fohl-kloh-REEK]

musique française -- French music -- [mew-ZEEK frawng-SEHZ]

musique New Age -- New Age music -- [moo-ZEEK nyew ahzh]

musique pop -- pop music -- [moo-ZEEK pohp]

numéro de fax -- fax number -- [new-may-ROH duh ‘fax’]

numéro de téléphone -- telephone number -- [new-may-ROH duh tay-lay-FOHN]

numéro directement -- direct number (phone) -- [new-may-ROH dee-rehkt-MAWNG]

officier du sexe féminin -- female officer [oh-fee-see-YAY doo ‘sex’ fay-nee-NAWNG]

officier du sexe masculin -- male officer [oh-fee-see-YAY doo ‘sex’ mahs-koo-LAWNG]

Offrez-vous -- Do you offer -- [oh-fray-VOO]

orchestre philharmonique -- philharmonic orchestra -- [ohr-KEH-struh fee-lahr-mohng-NEEK]

papier toilette -- toilet paper -- [pah-pee-YAY twah-LEHT]

papiers d’identité -- identification papers (ID) -- [pah-pee-YAY dee-dawng-tee-TAY]

parti politique -- political party -- [pahr-TEE poh-lee-TEEK]

personne la plus intéressante -- most interesting person -- [pehr-SOHN lah ploo zehng-tay-reh-SAWNGT]

pilules contraceptives -- contraceptive pills -- [peel-UHL kohng-trah-sehp-TEEV]

pilules d’érectile-dysfonctionnent -- erectile-dysfunction pills -- [peel-UHL day-rehk-TEEL dees-fongk-see-yohng-NAWNG]

point d’observation -- observation point -- [pwehng dohb-sehr-vah-see-YOHNG]

portions enfants -- portions for infants -- [pohr-see-YOHNG awng-FAWNG]

pour mon usage personnel -- for my personal use -- [poor mohng noo-SAHZH pehr-suh-NEHL]

quartier commercial -- commercial quarter -- [kahr-tee-YAY koh-mehr-see-YAHL]

radio par satellite -- satellite radio -- [rah-dee-OH pahr sah-tuh-LEET]

réaction allergique -- allergic reaction -- [reh-ahk-see-YOHNG ah-lehr-ZHEEK]

recommandez-vous -- you recommend -- [reh-koh-mawng-day-VOO]

réduction aux personnes âgées -- reduction (discount) for aged persons -- [ray-dewk-see-YOHNG noh pehr-suh-nah-ZHAY]

restaurant à spécialités asiatiques -- restaurant with Asian specialties -- [rehs-toh-RAWNG ah spay-see-yah-lee-TAY ah-zee-yah-TEEK]

restaurant à spécialités locales -- restaurant with local specialities -- [rehs-toh-RAWNG ah spay-see-yah-lee-TAY loh-KAHL]

restaurant chinoises -- Chinese restaurant -- [rehs-toh-RAWNG sheen-WAHZ]

restaurant de style buffet -- buffet-style restaurant -- [rehs-toh-RAWNG duh steel ‘buffet’]

restaurant espagnoles -- Spanish restaurant -- [rehs-toh-RAWNG eh-spahn-YOHL]

restaurant familial -- family restaurant -- [rehs-toh-RAWNG fah-mee-lee-YAHL]

restaurant français -- French restaurant -- [rehs-toh-RAWNG frawng-SAY]

restaurant grec -- Greek restaurant -- [rehs-toh-RAWNG grehk]

restaurant italien -- Italian restaurant -- [rehs-toh-RAWNG ee-tah-lee-YEHNG]

restaurant japonaises -- Japanese restaurant -- [rehs-toh-RAWNG zhah-poh-NEHZ]

restaurant traditionnel français -- traditional French restaurant -- [reh-stoh-RAWNG trah-dee-see-yohng-NEHL frawng-SAY]

restaurant végétarien -- vegetarian restaurant -- [rehs-toh-RAWNG vay-zhay-tah-ree-YEHNG]

route différente -- different route -- [root dee-fay-RAWNGT]

salade de tomates -- tomato salad -- [sah-LAHD duh toh-MAHT]

salade mixte -- mixed salad -- [sah-LAHD mist]

section non fumeur -- non-smoking section -- [sehk-see-YOHN nohng foo-MUHR]

service de massage -- massage service -- [sehr-VEES duh ‘massage’]

service en chambre -- room service -- [sehr-VEE sawng SHAWNG-bruh]

skis nautique -- water skis -- [ ‘ski’ noh-TEEK]

solution pour lentilles de contact -- contact lens solution -- [soh-lew-see-YOHNG poor lawng-TEE-yuh duh kohng-TAHKT]

soufflé au chocolat -- chocolate soufflé -- [‘soufflé oh shoh-koh-LAH]

soup à l’oignon -- onion soup -- [‘soup’ ah loh-NYOHNG]

soupe de tomates -- tomato soup -- [‘soup’ duh toh-MAHT]

station de bus -- bus station -- [stah-see-YOHN duh bews]

station de service -- service (gas) station -- [stah-see-YOHN duh sehr-VEES]

station de taxi -- taxi station (stand) -- [stah-see-YOHN duh tahk-SEE]

style buffet -- buffet-style -- [steel ‘buffet’]

surcharge pour l’aéroport -- airport surcharge -- [sewr-shahrzh poor lah-ay-roh-POHR]

tarte aux abricots -- apricot tart -- [‘tart’ oh zah-bree-KOH]

téléphone de mon domicile -- home phone -- [tay-lay-FOHN duh mohng

téléphone portable -- cell phone -- [tay-lay-FOHN pohr-TAH-bluh]

téléphone public -- public telephone -- [tay-lay-FOHN poo-BLEEK]

télévision par câble -- cable television -- [tay-lay-vee-zee-YOHNG pahr KAH-bluh]

télévision par satellite -- satellite television -- [tay-lay-vee-zee-YOHNG pahr sah-teh-LEET] terrain de golf -- golf course -- [teh-rehng duh ‘golf’]

tournoi de baseball -- baseball tournament -- [toor-NWAH duh bays-BOHL]

tournoi de basketball -- basketball tournament -- [toor-NWAH duh bahs-keht-BOHL]

tournoi de golf -- golf tournament -- [toor-NWAH duh ‘golf’]

tournoi de tennis -- tennis tournament -- [toor-NWAH duh tay-NEES]

tournoi de volley-ball -- volleyball tournament -- [toor-NWAH duh voh-lee-BOHL]

transmission automatique -- automatic transmission -- [trawngz-mee-shee-YOHNG oh-toh-mah-TEEK]

version plus récente -- more recent version -- [vehr-see-YOHNG plew ray-SAWNGT]

vin blanc -- white wine -- [vehng blawng]

vin rosé -- rosé (wine) -- [vehng ‘rosé’]

vin rouge -- red wine -- [vehng roozh]

visite en bus -- bus tour -- [vee-ZEET awng bews]

yeux bleus -- blue eyes -- [yuh bluh]

yeux bruns -- brown eyes -- [yuh bruhng]



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