Easiest German Phrases

Easiest German Phrases feature words similar to English that will enable you to understand what is meant.

Use the spelling and/or sound of each word similar to English to help you figure out its meaning.

After single words in German spelled like English, a good next step is short phrases of several words similar to English. To keep it easiest, these are phrases but not sentences, as are in so-called Phrase Books for Travel. Sentences have too many words to deal with when you are just beginning.

From the key words similar to English you should be able to make out the meanings of the other German connecting words that are not similar to English. Use the words similar to English as clues to the meanings of the other German words. Try to just get the overall meaning of each phrase without trying to translate each unfamiliar German word. Many are like phrases in English that express ideas you have said or heard often before.

The foreign version is placed first to encourage you to look for and recognize foreign words similar to ones in English -- and deduce what the foreign words mean by yourself without being given the translation first.

These phrases in German are followed by the English words that would be a good guess using as clues the German words similar to English. So as a result these are rough translations of the German phrases, which may not be the exact meanings, but will be close enough that you could deduce what is meant.

After the German and English versions of each phrase is the pronunciation of the German phrase.

The easiest way is to just read them. Or if you see some you might possibly use on your trip to Germany, you can try to pronounce them, which is not easiest.

Consider each phrase as a puzzle you can probably solve. Have fun with the challenge of it. Try to guess what each German phrase means without looking at the rough English version. See how far down the list you can get.




allergisch auf -- allergic to -- [ah-LEHR-geesh owf]

allergisch auf Antibiotika -- allergic to antibiotics -- [ah-LEHR-geesh owf ahn-tee-bee-OH-tee-kah]

allergisch auf Penicillin -- allergic to penicillin -- [ah-LEHR-geesh owf ‘penicillin’]

allergische Reaktion -- allergic reaction -- [ah-LEHR-geesh-uh reh-ahk-SYON]

antiseptische Creme -- antiseptic cream -- [ahn-tee-ZEHP-tee-shuh krehm]

automatische Kamera -- automatic camera -- [ow-toh-MAHT-ihsh-uh ‘camera’]

bester preis -- best price -- [‘BEST’-ehr ‘price’]

Bier aus der Region -- beer of the region -- [‘beer’ ows dehr rehg-YOHN]

botanische Garten -- botanical garden -- [boh-TAHN-eesh-uh GAHR-tuhn]

Business-Class -- business class -- [‘business-class’]

Check-out -- check-out -- [‘check-out’]

die Pille -- the Pill -- [dee PIHL-uh]

diese Adresse -- this address -- [DEEZ-uh ah-DREHS-uh]

digitale Kamera -- digital camera -- [‘digital camera’]

Economy-Class -- economy class -- [‘economy-class’]

ein Ticket -- one ticket -- [ien TEE-kuht]

einen Moment -- one moment -- [IEN-uhn moh-MEHNT]

eine Nacht -- one night -- [IEN-uh nahkht]

eine Woche -- one week -- [IEN-uh VOHKH-uh]

E-Mail-Adresse -- e-mail address -- [‘e-mail’-ah-DREHS-uh]

englischsprachigen Audio-Guide -- English speaking audioguide -- [EHNG-lihsh-sprahkh-ee-guhn ow-dee-oh-‘guide’]

erste Bus -- first bus -- [EHR-stuh boos]

Erste-Klasse -- first class -- [EHR-stuh-KLAH-suh]

express Bus -- express bus -- [‘express’ boos]

für eine Person -- for one person -- [fewr IEN-uhn pehr-SOHN]

Glas Bier -- glass of beer -- [glahs ‘beer’]

Glas Champagner -- glass of champagne -- [glahs shahm-PAHN-yehr]

Glas Cola -- glass of cola -- [glahs ‘cola’]

Glas Eis-Tee -- glass of ice(d) tea -- [glahs ‘ice-tea’]

Glas Hauswein -- glass of house wine -- [glahs ‘HOUSE’-vien]

Glas Wasser -- glass of water -- [glahs VAH-sehr]

Glas Wein -- glass of wine -- [glahs vien]

gute Bar -- good bar -- [GOO-tuh ‘bar’]

guten Morgen -- good morning -- [GOO-tuhn MOHR-guhn]

gutes Restaurant -- good restaurant -- [GOO-tuhs reh-stoh-RAHNT]

Ich habe -- I have -- [eekh HAH-buh]

Ich muss -- I must -- [eekh moos]

importierte Bier -- imported beer -- [eem-pohr-TEER-tuh ‘beer’]

in einem Meeting -- in a meeting -- [‘in’ IEN-uhm ‘meeting’]

informationen über -- information on -- [IHN-fohr-mah-syoh-nuhn EW-buhr]

internationale Telephonkarte -- international telephone card -- [ihnt-ehr-nah-syoh-NAHL-uh TEHL-uh-fohn-kahrt-uh]

Ist das -- Is this -- [ihst dahs]

Ist es -- Is it -- [ihst ehs]

Jet Ski -- jet ski -- [‘jet ski’]

Kaffee mit Milch -- coffee with milk -- [kah-FEH miht mihlkh]

Kaffee mit Zucker -- coffee with sugar -- [kah-FEH miht TSOO-khuhr]

kann Ich -- can I -- [kahn eekh]

katholishe Kirche -- Catholic church -- [kah-TOH-leesh-uh KEER-khuh]

klassische Musik -- classical music -- [KLAHS-ihsh-uh moo-ZEEK]

mein Name -- my name -- [mien NAHM-uh]

meine Adresse -- my address -- [MIEN-uh ah-DREHS-uh]

meine Auto -- my auto -- [MIEN-uh OW-toh]

meine Computer -- my computer -- [MIEN-uh ‘computer’]

meine E-Mail-Adresse -- my e-mail address -- [MIEN-uh ‘e-mail’-ah-DREHS-uh]

meine Familie -- my family -- [MIEN-uh fah-MEE-lee-uh]

meine Kamera -- my camera -- [MIEN-uh ‘camera’]

meine Kreditkarte -- my credit card -- [MIEN-uh kreh-DEET-kahrt-uh]

meine Nummer -- my number -- [MIEN-uh NOOM-ehr]

meine Periode -- my period -- [MIEN-uh pehr-YOH-duh]

meine Reservierung -- my reservation -- [MIEN-uh reh-zehr-VEE-roong]

meine Rucksack -- my rucksack (backpack) -- [MIEN-uh ROOK-zahk]

meinem Freund -- my friend -- [MIE-nuhm froynt]

mit Kreditkarte -- with (by) credit card -- [meet kreh-DEET-kahrt-uh]

nicht frisch -- not fresh -- [neekht frihsh]

Online-Ticket -- online-ticket -- [OHN-lien-tee-keht]

Paket per Express -- packet by express -- [pah-KEHT pehr ‘express’]

PIN-Nummer -- PIN number -- [‘PIN’-noom-ehr]

Pool für Kinder -- pool for kids -- [‘pool’ fewr KIHND-ehr]

pro Kilometer -- per kilometer -- [proh kee-loh-MEH-tehr]

pro Nacht -- per night -- [proh nahkht]

pro Woche -- per week -- [proh VOHKH-uh]

regionale Bier -- regional beer -- [reh-gyoh-NAH-luh ‘beer’]

Sport-Massage -- sports massage -- [shpohrt-mah-SAHDJ-uh]

Tee mit Milch -- tea with milk -- [‘tea’ miht mihlkh]

Tee mit Zucker -- tea with sugar -- [‘tea’ miht TSOO-khuhr]

Telefonnummer für ein taxi -- telephone number for a taxi -- [tehl-uh-FOHN-noom-ehr fewr ien ‘taxi’]

über Nacht -- over night -- [ew-behr nahkht]

wann ist -- when is -- [vahn ihst]

Wir haben -- We have -- [veer HAH-buhn]

wireless Internet -- wireless internet -- [‘wireless internet’]

zu kalt -- too cold -- [tsoo kahlt]

zu lang -- too long -- [tsoo lahng]

zu salzig -- too salty -- [tsoo SAHL-tseek]



Some German phrases have words in a different order than they would be in English, but in spite of this you should be able to understand what the following phrases mean.


E-Mail senden -- send an e-mail -- [E-mehl ZEHND-uhn]

Fax senden -- send a fax -- [fahks ZEHND-uhn]

funktioniert nicht -- does not function (work) -- [foonk-syoh-NEERT neekht]

hier parken -- park here -- [‘here’ ‘PARK’-uhn]

hier campen -- camp here -- [‘here’ KAHMP-uhn]

hier sitzen -- sit here -- [‘here’ ziht-tsuhn]

Kopie machen -- make a copy -- [KOH-pee-uh MAHKH-uhn]

Wo finde ich -- Where can I find -- [voh fihnd-uh eekh]



In some cases an English phrase is similar to one word in German -- with a German word equal to an English phrase.

This linking words together in German causes little problem when both parts are similar to English, but makes for some other very long unfamiliar words in German.


Bankautomat -- bank automatic teller machine (ATM) -- [BAHNK-ow-toh-maht]

Campingplatz -- camping place -- [‘camping’-‘plahts]

Digitalfotos -- digital photos -- [dihd-jih-TAHL-foh-tohs]

englischsprechenden -- English speaking -- [EHNG-lihsh-sprehkh-ehnd-uhn]

Faxnummer -- fax number -- [FAHKS-noom-ehr]

Fitnessraum -- fitness room -- [‘fitness’-rowm]

Golfturnier -- golf tournament -- [‘GOLF’-toor-neer]

Hauswein -- house wine -- [‘HOUSE’-vien]

Hotdog -- hot dog -- [HOHT-dohg]

Insectenspray -- insect spray -- [ihn-ZEHKT-uhn-shpray]

Internetcafé internet café -- [‘internet-café’]

Kindermenü -- kid’s menu -- [KIHN-dehr-meh-new]

Kinderportionen -- kid’s portions -- [KIHN-dehr-pohr-syoh-nuhn]

Kontaktlinse -- contact lens -- [KOHN-tahkt-lihnz-uh]

Konzerthalle -- concert hall -- [kohn-TSEHRT-hah-luh]

Kreditkarte -- credit card -- [kreh-DEET-kahrt-uh]

Liftpass -- lift pass -- [LIHFT-pahs]

Livemusik -- live music -- [‘live’-moo-ZEEK]

Motorboot -- motor boat -- [‘motor boat’]

Nagelfeile -- nail file -- [NAHG-ehl-fie-luh]

Opernhaus -- opera house -- [OH-pehrn-‘house’]

Parkplatz -- parking place (lot) -- [‘PARK’-plahts]

Picknickplatz -- picnic place (area) -- [‘picnic’-plahtz]

Popmusik -- pop music -- [POHP-moo-zeek]

Postkarte -- post card -- [‘POST’-kahr-tuh]

Sterlingsilber -- sterling silver -- [SHTEHR-leeng-zihl-behr]

Tanzclub -- dance club -- [TAHNTS-kloop]

Telefonkarte -- telephone card -- [TEHL-uh-fohn-kahrt-uh]

Telefonnummer -- telephone number -- [tehl-uh-FOHN-noom-ehr]

Tennismatch -- tennis match -- [‘tennis’-mahch]

Toilettenpapier -- toilet paper -- [toy-LEHT-tuhn-pah-peer]

Touristeninformationsbüro -- tourist information bureau -- [too-REE-stuhn-een-fohr-mah-syohns-bew-roh]

Vasserski -- water skis -- [VAHS-ehr-shee]

Volksmusik -- folk music -- [FOHLKS-moo-zeek]

Waschmachine -- washing machine -- [VAHSH-mah-shee-nuh]



For a greater challenge, go to the web page Easiest German Sentences at easiest-German-sentences.html There some of these same phrases appear in easy German sentences.

For a greater challenge, go to the web page Easiest German Sentences.html where some of these same phrases appear in easy German sentences.

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