Easiest Italian for Cruise Ships

Easiest Italian for Cruise Ships explains how an onboard hour talk about Easiest Italian can prepare you for the Italian language you will encounter in Italian port towns.

Ever wish you knew Italian? Well, you already know more than you realize about Italian. Just because you know English. Many Italian words look like English words. They can be your Easiest Italian Introduction!

For example, imagine you are on your first cruise in the Mediterranean to Italy. Where Italian is spoken, but not by you. So you settle into your cabin on the cruise ship, excited about going to a foreign country, but also dreading the language barrier.

Then imagine that you pick up an onboard magazine and discover an article titled Easiest Italian Introduction. Here is the gist of it, with only some of the examples:


There are 100 Easiest Italian words to describe your voyage on a cruise ship. This can be your Easiest Italian Introduction.

The very easiest are English words borrowed by Italian .

Italian Words Spelled and Pronounced Like English

Some Easiest Italian words are pronounced almost the same way as in English. If you pronounce these words as you usually do in English, an Italian-speaker will understand what you mean.



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