Easiest Italian Phrases

Easiest Italian Phrases feature words similar to English that will enable you to understand what is meant. Use the spelling and/or sound of each word similar to English to help you figure out its meaning.

After single words in Italian spelled like English, a good next step is short phrases of several words similar to English. To keep it easiest these are phrases, but not sentences like in Phrase Books for Travel. Sentences may have too many words to deal with when you are just beginning.

From the key words similar to English you should be able to make out the meanings of the other Italian connecting words that are not similar to English. Use the words similar to English as clues to the meanings of the other Italian words. Try to just get the overall meaning of each phrase without trying to translate each unfamiliar Italian word. Many are like phrases in English that express ideas you have said or heard often before.

The foreign version is placed first to encourage you to look for and recognize foreign words similar to ones in English -- and deduce what the foreign words mean by yourself without being given the translation first.

These phrases in Italian are followed by the English words that would be a good guess using as clues the Italian words similar to English. So as a result these are rough translations of the Italian phrases, which may not be the exact meanings, but will be close enough that you could deduce what is meant.

After the Italian and English versions of each phrase is the pronunciation of the Italian phrase.

The easiest way is to just read them. Or if you see some you might possibly use on your trip to Italy, you can try to pronounce them, which is not easiest.

Consider each phrase as a puzzle you can probably solve. Have fun with the challenge of it. Try to guess what each Italian phrase means without looking at the rough English version. See how far down the list you can get.




accessibile ai disabili -- accessible for the disabled -- [ah-chehs-SEE-bee-leh AH-ee dee-ZAH-bee-lee]

accesso ai disabili -- access for the disabled -- [ah-CHEH-soh AH-ee dee-ZAH-bee-lee]

allergico/a a il glutine -- allergic to gluten -- [ahl-LEHR-jee-koh/kah ah eel gloo-TEE-neh]

allergico/a agli antibiotici -- allergic to antibiotics -- [ahl-LEHR-jee-koh/kah AHL-yee ahn-tee-BYOH-tee-chee]

allergico/a alla penicillina -- allergic to penicillin -- [ahl-LEHR-jee-koh/kah AHL-lah peh-nee-cheel-LEE-nah]

aria condizionata -- air conditioner -- [AH-ryah kohn-dee-tsyoh-NAH-tah]

audio guida -- audio guide -- [OW-dyoh GWEE-dah]

audio guida in inglese -- audio guide in English -- [OW-dyoh GWEE-dah een een-GLEH-zeh]

autobus per Roma -- bus to Rome -- [OW-toh-boos pehr ROH-mah]

auto con l’aria condizionata -- auto (car) with air conditioning -- [OW-toh kohn LAH-ryah kohn-dee-tsyoh-NAH-tah]

bottiglia di vino -- bottle of wine -- [boht-TEE-lyah dee VEE-noh]

calendario degli eventi -- calendar of events -- [kah-lehn-DAH-ryoh DEHL-yee eh-VEHN-tee]

caraffa di vino -- carafe of wine -- [kah-RAH-fah dee VEE-noh]

certificato di autenticità -- certificate of authenticity -- [chehr-tee-fee-KAH-toh dee ow-tehn-tee-chee-TAH]

con aria condizionata -- with air conditioner -- [kohn AH-ryah kohn-dee-tsyoh-NAH-tah]

con bagno -- with bathroom -- [kohn BAHN-yoh]

gomma da masticare -- chewing gum -- [GOHM-mah dah mahs-tee-KAH-reh]

guida in inglese -- guide (book) in English -- [GWEE-dah een een-GLEH-zeh]

informazioni su un’escursione -- information on an excursion -- [een-fohr-mah-TSYOH-nee soo oo-neh-skoor-SYOH-neh]

informazioni su un’escursione a Roma -- information on an excursion to Rome -- [een-fohr-mah-TSYOH-nee soo oo-neh-skoor-SYOH-neh ah ROH-mah]

Internet caffé -- internet café -- [‘internet cafe’]

in vacanza -- on vacation -- [een vah-KAHN-tsah]

lista delle bevande -- list of beverages (drinks) -- [LEE-stah DEHL-leh beh-VAHN-deh]

menù in inglese -- menu in English -- [meh-NOO een een-GLEH-zeh]

messaggi per me -- messages for me -- [mehs-SAH-djee pehr meh]

mia e-mail -- my e-mail -- [MEE-ah ‘e-mail’]

mio numero -- my number -- [MEE-oh NOO-meh-roh]

non disturbare -- do not disturb -- [nohn dee-stoor-BAH-reh]

non funziona -- does not function (work) -- [nohn foon-TSYOH-nah]

pacchetto di sigarette -- pack of cigarettes -- [pahk-KEHT-toh dee see-gah-REHT-teh]

paio di mocassini -- pair of loafers -- [pah-yoh dee moh-kahs-SEE-nee]

paio di sandali -- pair of sandals -- [pah-yoh dee sahn-DAH-lee]

parchimetro -- parking meter -- [pahr-KEE-meh-troh]

parcheggiare qui -- park here -- [pahr-keh-DJAH-reh kwee]

per chilometro -- per kilometer -- [pehr kee-LOH-meh-troh]

per fumatori -- for smoking -- [per foo-mah-TOH-ree]

per non fumatori -- for non-smoking -- [per nohn foo-mah-TOH-ree]

per quante persone -- for how many persons -- [pehr KWAHN-teh pehr-SOH-neh]

per quattro notti -- for four nights -- [pehr KWAHT-troh NOHT-tee]

per tre notti -- for three nights -- [pehr treh NOHT-tee]

per tutta la notte -- for all night -- [pehr TOOT-tah lah NOHT-teh]

per una notte -- for one night -- [pehr OO-nah NOHT-teh]

per un’ora -- per hour -- [pehr oon-OH-rah]

prima classe -- first class -- [PREE-mah KLAHS-seh]

primo autobus -- first bus -- [PREE-moh OW-toh-boos]

primo treno -- first train -- [PREE-moh TREH-noh]

quanti bagagli -- how much baggage -- [KWAHN-tee bah-GAH-lyee]

quanto dista -- how far -- [KWAHN-toh DEES-tah]

ricevere un fax -- receive a fax -- [ree-CHEH-veh-reh oon ‘fax’]

ristorante qui vicino -- restaurant in the vicinity -- [ree-stoh-RAHN-teh kwee vee-CHEE-noh]

seconda classe -- second class -- [seh-KOHN-dah KLAHS-seh]

suo passaporto -- your passport -- [SOO-oh pahs-sah-POHR-toh]

tavola per quattro -- table for four -- [TAH-voh-lah pehr KWAHT-troh]

taxi fino all’aeroporto -- taxi to the airport -- [ ‘taxi’ FEE-noh ahl-lah-eh-roh-POHR-toh]

tipico di questa zona -- typical of this region -- [TEE-pee-koh dee KWEH-stah DZOH-nah]

toilette per i disabili -- toilet for the disabled -- [TWAH-leht pehr ee dee-ZAH-bee-lee]

travel cheque -- travel(er’s) check (cheque) -- [‘travel(er’s) check’]

travellers cheques -- traveler’s checks (cheques) -- [‘traveler’s checks’]

treno per Roma -- train to Rome -- [TREH-noh pehr ROH-mah]

troppo salato -- too salty -- [TROHP-poh sah-LAH-toh]

ufficio informazioni -- office of information -- [oof-FEE-chyoh een-fohr-mah-TSYOH-nee]

ufficio informazioni turistiche -- office of information for tourists -- [oof-FEE-chyoh een-fohr-mah-TSYOH-nee too-REE-stee-keh]

un’altra bottiglia -- another bottle -- [oo-NAHL-trah boht-TEE-lyah]



Some Italian phrases have words in a different order than they would be in English, but in spite of this you should be able to understand what the following phrases mean.

In Italian, adjectives often follow the nouns, whereas in English adjectives usually precede the nouns they modify.


acqua frizzante -- sparkling water -- [AH-kwah free-DZAHN-teh]

acqua naturale -- still water -- [AH-kwah nah-too-RAH-leh]

agenzia di viaggi -- travel agency -- [ah-jehn-TSEE-ah dee VYAHD-jee]

autobus espresso -- express bus -- [OW-toh-boos eh-SPREHS-soh]

autobus locale -- local bus -- [OW-toh-boos loh-KAH-leh]

auto economica -- economy auto (car) -- [OW-toh eh-koh-NOH-mee-koh]

bagaglio in eccesso -- excess baggage -- [bah-GAHL-yoh een eh-CHEHS-soh]

birra importata -- imported beer -- [BEER-rah eem-pohr-TAH-tah]

birra locale -- local beer -- [BEER-rah loh-KAH-leh]

caffè decaffeinato -- decaf(feinated) coffee -- [kah-FEH deh-kahf-feh-ee-NAH-toh]

carrelli per i bagagli -- baggage carts -- [kahr-REHL-lee pehr ee bah-GAHL-yee]

carta di credito -- credit card -- [KAHR-tah dee KREH-dee-toh]

carta prepagata -- prepaid card -- [KAHR-tah dee preh-pah-GAH-tah]

centro commerciale -- commercial center (mall) -- [CHEHN-troh kohm-mehr-CHYAH-leh]

classe economica -- economy class -- [KLAHS-seh eh-koh-NOH-mee-kah]

compagnia aerea -- airline -- [kohm-pah-NEE-ah ah-EH-reh-ah]

controllo passaporti -- passport control -- [kohn-TROHL-loh pahs-sah-POHR-tee]

crema antisettica -- antiseptic cream -- [KREH-mah AHN-tee-SEHT-tee-kah]

foto digitali -- digital photos -- [FOH-toh dee-jee-TAH-lee]

giardino botanico -- botanical garden -- [jyahr-DEE-noh boh-TAH-nee-koh]

imbarco immediato -- now boarding -- [eem-BAHR-koh eem-meh-DYAH-toh]

infezione vaginale -- vaginal infection -- [een-feh-tsyoh-neh vah-jee-NAH-leh]

intollerante al lattosio -- lactose intolerant -- [een-tohl-leh-rahn-teh ahl laht-toh-syoh]

lente a contatto -- contact lens -- [LEHN-teh ah kohn-TAHT-toh]

macchina fotografica digitale -- digital camera -- [MAHK-kee-nah foh-toh-GRAH-fee-kah dee-jee-TAH-leh]

macchina fotografica automatica -- automatic camera -- [MAHK-kee-nah foh-toh-GRAH-fee-kah ow-toh-MAH-tee-kah]

menù a prezzo fixe -- fixed-price menu -- [meh-NOO ah PREH-tsoh FEES-soh]

musica classica -- classical music -- [MOO-zee-kah KLAH-see-kah]

musica folk -- folk music -- [MOO-zee-kah ‘folk’]

musica italiana -- Italian music -- [MOO-zee-kah ee-tah-LYAH-nah]

musica pop -- pop music -- [MOO-zee-kah ‘pop’]

numero di fax -- fax number -- [NOO-meh-roh dee ‘fax’]

numero per servizio informazioni -- number for information (service) -- NOO-meh-roh pehr sehr-VEE-tsyoh een-fohr-mah-TSYOH-nee]

olio d’oliva -- olive oil -- [OH-lyoh doh-LEE-vah]

orario delle visite -- visiting hours -- [oh-RAH-ryoh DEHL-leh VEE-zee-teh]

pacco espresso -- express package -- [PAHK-koh eh-SPREHS-soh]

parte il treno -- train departs -- [PAHR-teh eel TREH-noh]

parte l’autobus -- bus departs -- [PAHR-teh LOW-toh-boos]

per posta aerea -- by airmail -- [pehr POH-stah ah-EH-reh-ah]

piazza principale -- main plaza -- [PYAH-tsah preen-chee-PAH-leh]

posta aerea -- airmail -- [POH-stah ah-EH-reh-ah]

prefisso internazionale -- international prefix (country code) -- [preh-FEES-soh een-tehr-nah-tsyoh-NAH-leh]

prefisso internazionale per il Canada -- international prefix for Canada -- [preh-FEES-soh een-tehr-nah-tsyoh-NAH-leh pehr eel ‘Canada’]

puntura d’insetto -- insect bites -- [poon-TOO-rah deen-SEHT-toh]

reazione allergica -- allergic reaction -- [reh-ah-TSYOH-neh ahl-LEHR-jee-kah]

repellente per gli insette -- insect repellent -- [reh-pehl-LEHN-teh pehr lyeen-SEHT-teh]

riserva naturale -- nature preserve -- [ree-SEHR-vah nah-too-RAH-leh]

ristorante economico -- economical restaurant -- [ree-stoh-RAHN-teh eh-koh-noh-mee-koh]

si accettano carte di credito -- credit cards accepted -- [see ahcceht-tah-noh KAHR-tah dee KREH-dee-toh]

solo per uso esterno -- for external use only -- [‘solo’ pehr OO-zoh eh-STEHR-noh]

soluzione per le lenti contatto -- contact lens solution -- [soh-loo-TSYOH-neh pehr leh LEHN-tee kohn-TAHT-toh]

stazione degli autobus -- bus station -- [stah-TSYOH-neh DEHL-yee OW-toh-boos]

stomaco in disordine -- upset stomach -- [STOH-mah-koh een dee-ZOHR-dee-neh]

sua numero -- your number -- [SOO-ah NOO-meh-roh]

teatro dell’opera -- opera house -- [teh-AH-troh deh-LOH-peh-rah]

treno espresso -- express train -- [TREH-noh eh-SPREHS-soh]

treno locale -- local train -- [TREH-noh loh-KAH-leh]

ufficio postale -- post office -- [oof-FEE-chyoh poh-STAH-leh]

vino rosso -- red wine -- [VEE-noh ROHS-soh]

visite guidate -- guided tours -- [VEE-zee-teh gwee-DAH-teh]

visite guidate in inglese -- guided tours in English -- [VEE-zee-teh gwee-DAH-teh een een-GLEH-zeh]



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