Easiest Portuguese Phrases

Easiest Portuguese Phrases feature words similar to English that will enable you to understand what is meant. Use the spelling and/or sound of each word similar to English to help you figure out its meaning.

After single words in Portuguese spelled like English, a good next step is short phrases of several words similar to English. To keep it easiest these are phrases, but not sentences like in Phrase Books for Travel. Sentences may have too many words to deal with when you are just beginning.

From the key words similar to English you should be able to make out the meanings of the other Portuguese connecting words that are not similar to English. Use the words similar to English as clues to the meanings of the other Portuguese words. Try to just get the overall meaning of each phrase without trying to translate each unfamiliar Portuguese word. Many are like phrases in English that express ideas you have said or heard often before.

These phrases in Portuguese are followed by the English words that would be a good guess using as clues the Portuguese words similar to English. So as a result these are rough translations of the Portuguese phrases, which may not be the exact meanings, but will be close enough that you could deduce what is meant.

After the Portuguese and English versions of each phrase is the pronunciation of the Portuguese phrase.

The easiest way is to just read them. Or if you see some you might possibly use on your trip to Portugal or Brazil, you can try to pronounce them, which is not easiest.

Consider each phrase as a puzzle you can probably solve. Have fun with the challenge of it. Try to guess what each Portuguese phrase means without looking at the rough English version. See how far down the list you can get.

Note: With Portuguese words, accent marks indicate some [but not all] of the syllables to stress.

In this simplified pronunciation guide, syllables to stress are in capital letters.

Some of the following phrases in Portuguese can be used in both Portugual and Brazil. After those come phrases that can be used only in Brazil, followed by phrases that can be used only in Portugual.




acceso para os deficientes -- access for the disabled -- [uh-SEH-soo PUH-ruh ooz deh-fee-see-EHNTZ]

alérgico a antibiótica -- allergic to antibiotics -- [uh-LEHR-gee-koo uh uhn-tee-bee-AW-tee-kuh]

alérgico a glutina -- allergic to gluten -- [uh-LEHR-gee-koo uh gloo-TEE-nuh]

alérgico a penicilina -- allergic to penicillin -- [uh-LEHR-gee-koo uh lah peh-neh-seh-LEE-nuh]

ao aeroporto -- to the airport -- [ahoo uh-eh-rau-PAUR-too]

ar condicionado -- air conditioning -- [ar kawn-dee-see-oo-NAH-thoo]

artigos a declarar -- articles to declare -- [ahr-tee-gohs uh deh-kluh-RAHR]

cancelar a minha reserva -- cancel my reservation -- [kuhn-seh-LAHR uh MEE-nyuh reh-ZEHR-vuh]

carro com ar condicionado -- car with air conditioning -- [KAH-rroo kaum ar kawn-dee-see-oo-NAH-thoo]

centro da cidade -- center of the city -- [SEHN-troo duh see-DAHD]

certificado de autenticidade -- certificate of authenticity -- [sehr-tee-fee-KAH-thoo deh aw-tehn-tee-see-DAHD]

completar formas -- fill out forms -- [kaum-pleh-TAHR FAWR-muhz]

confirmar a minha reserva -- confirm my reservation -- [kaum-feer-MAHR uh MEE-nyuh reh-ZEHR-vuh]

descontos para estudantes -- discount for students -- [dehs-KAUN-tooz PUH-ruh ee-stoo-DUHNTS]

domestico ou internacional -- national or international -- [thoo-MEH-stee-koo awoo een-tehr-NUH-see-oo-nahl]

em inglês -- in English -- [eng eng-LEHZ]

excursão em inglês -- excursion in English -- [ee-skoor-SOHM eng eng-LEHZ]

forma de identificação -- form of identification -- [FAWR-muh deh ee-dehn-tee-fee-kuh-SOHM]

fórmula de bebê -- formula for a baby -- [FAWR-moo-luh deh beh-BEH]

informal ou formal -- informal or formal -- [een-fohr-MAHL oo fohr-MAHL]

inserir o cartão -- insert card (here) -- [een-seh-REER oo kuhr-TOHM]

lactose intolerante -- lactose intolerant -- [LAHK-tawz een-TAWL-eh-ruhnt]

mapa desta região -- map of this region -- [MAH-puh deh reh-zsee-OHM]

medicina para a diarreia -- medicine for diarrhea -- [meh-deh-SEE-nuh PUH-ruh uh dee-uh-RRAY-uh]

mensagem para mim -- messages for me -- [mehn-SAH-zseng PUH-rah meeng]

meu carro -- my car -- [mehoo KAH-rroo]

meu cartão -- my card (business) -- [mehoo kuhr-TOHM]

meu e-mail -- my e-mail -- [mehoo ee-MEHL]

meu número -- my number -- [mehoo NOO-meh-roh]

meu período -- my period -- [mehoo peh-ree-OO-thoo]

meu telefone -- my telephone -- [mehoo tehl-FAWN]

minha bagagem -- my bags (luggage) – [MEE-nyuh buh-GAH-zseng]

minha familia -- my family – [MEE-nyuh fuh-MEE-lyuh]

minha reserva -- my reservation -- [MEE-nyuh reh-ZEHR-vuh]

nada a declarar -- nothing to declare -- [NAH-duh uh deh-kluh-RAHR]

não funciona -- does not function (work) -- [nohm foon-see-AW-nuh]

nova mensagem -- new message -- [NOO-vuh mehn-SAH-zseng]

número da policia -- number of the police -- NOO-meh-roh dah poh-LEE-see-ah]

número das Informações -- number for information -- [NOO-meh-roo duhz eeng-foor-muh-SOINGZ]

para duas noites -- for two nights -- [PUH-rah THOO-uhz noytz]

para três noites -- for three nights -- [PUH-rah trehz noytz]

para quatro noites -- for four nights -- [PUH-rah KWAH-troo noytz]

para seis noites -- for six nights -- [PUH-rah sayz noytz]

por dia -- per day -- [poor DEE-uh]

por hora -- per hour -- [poor AW-ruh]

por noite -- per night -- [poor noyt]

por quilómetro -- per kilometer -- [poor kee-LAW-meh-troo]

por três dias -- for three days -- [poor trehz DEE-uhz]

por três horas -- for three hours -- [poor trehz AW-ruhz]

por um dia -- for one day -- [poor oong DEE-uh]

por um hora -- for one hour -- [poor oong AW-ruh]

preço por dia -- price per day -- [PREH-soo poor DEE-uh]

preço por hora -- price per hour -- [PREH-soo poor AW-ruh]

primeira classe -- first class -- [pree-MAY-ruh KLAH-seh]

quantas bagagems -- how many bags (luggage) -- [KWUHN-tuhz buh-GAH-zsengs]

receber fax -- receive a fax -- [reh-seh-BEHR ‘fax’]

recomendar um bar -- recommend a bar -- [reh-kaw-mehn-DAHR oong ‘bar’]

recomendar um café -- recommend a cafe -- [reh-kaw-mehn-DAHR oong ‘cafe’]

recomendar um casino -- recommend a casino -- [pawd reh-kaw-mehn-DAHR oong kuh-SEE-noo]

recomendar um dentista -- recommend a dentist -- [reh-kaw-mehn-DAHR oong dehn-TEE-stuh]

recomendar um concerto -- recommend a concert -- [reh-kaw-mehn-DAHR oong kaun-SEHR-too]

recomendar um filme -- recommend a film -- [reh-kaw-mehn-DAHR oong FEEL-meh]

recomendar um hotel -- recommend a hotel -- [reh-kaw-mehn-DAHR oong aw-TEHL]

recomendar um pediatra -- recommend a pediatrician -- [reh-kaw-mehn-DAHR oong pee-dee-AH-truh]

recomendar um restaurante -- recommend a restaurant -- [reh-kaw-mehn-DAHR oong reh-STUHOO-ruhnt]

recomendar uma excursão -- recommend an excursion -- [reh-kaw-mehn-DAHR OO-muh ee-skoor-SOHM]

recomendar uma excursão em inglês -- recommend an excursion in English -- [reh-kaw-mehn-DAHR OO-muh ee-skoor-SOHM eng eng-LEHZ]

recomendar uma ópera -- recommend an opera -- [reh-kaw-mehn-DAHR OO-mah AW-peh-ruh]

repelente para insectos -- insect repellent -- [reh-peh-LEHNT PUH-ruh een-SEHK-tooz]

reportar um assalto -- report an assault -- [reh-paur-TAHR oong uh-SAHL-too]

reportar um roubo -- report a robbery -- [reh-paur-TAHR oong RAU-boo]

speed limite -- speed limit --

tampões higiénicos -- tampons -- [tuhm-POINGZ ee-ZSEH-nee-kooz]

táxi ao aeroporto -- taxi to the airport -- [‘taxi’ ahoo uh-eh-rau-PAUR-too]

usar o telefone -- use the telephone -- [oo-SAHR oo teh-leh-FOH-nee]



Some Portuguese phrases have words in a different order than they would be in English, but in spite of this you should be able to understand what the following phrases mean.

In Portuguese, adjectives often follow the nouns, whereas in English adjectives usually precede the nouns they modify.


acceso para deficientes fisicos -- access for the physically disabled -- [uh-SEH-soo PUH-ruh deh-fee-see-EHNTZ FEE-see-kooz]

agência de viagens -- travel agency -- [ah-ZSEHN-see-uh deh vee-AH-zsengs]

bar gay -- gay bar -- [ ‘bar’ ‘gay’]

café descafeinado -- decaf(einated) coffee -- [kuh-FEH dehz-kuh-fay-NAH-thoo]

cartão de crédito -- credit card -- [kuhr-TOHM deh KREH-dee-too]

cartão de memória -- memory card -- [kuhr-TOHM deh meh-MAW-ree-uh]

carro automatico -- automatic (car) -- [KAH-rroo awoo-too-MAH-tee-koo]

cheques de viagem -- traveler’s checks -- [shehkz deh vee-AH-zseng]

classe económica -- economy class -- [KLAH-seh eh-koo-NAW-mee-kuh]

clube de jazz -- jazz club -- [kloob deh zsahz]

clube gay -- gay club -- [kloob ‘gay’]

código de área -- area code -- [KAW-dee-goo deh ah-EH-ree-uh]

controle de passaportes -- passport control -- [controle deh pah-suh-PAWRT]

documento da policia -- police report -- [thoo-koo-MEHN-too duh poo-LEE-see-uh]

é proibido acampar -- camping prohibited -- [eh proibido uh-kuhm-PAHR]

equipamento de snorkling -- snorkling equipment -- [ee-kee-puh-MEHN-too deh SNAWR-kleeng]

esquis-aquáticos -- water skis -- [eez-KEEZ uh-KWAH-tee-kooz]

Estados Unidos -- United States -- [ee-STAH-dooz oo-NEE-dooz]

fone pré-pago -- prepaid phone -- [fawn preh-PAH-goo]

fotos digitais -- digital photos -- [FAW-tooz deh-zeh-TEYEZ]

guia turistico -- tourist guide (book) -- [GEE-ah too-REE-stee-koo]

horas de visitas -- visiting hours -- [AW-ruhz deh vee-ZEE-tuhz]

imprimir fotos digitais -- print digital photos -- [eem-pree-MEER FAW-tooz deh-zeh-TEYEZ]

infecção na vagina -- vaginal infection -- [eeng-feh-SOHM nuh vuh-ZSEE-nuh]

itinerários de bicicleta -- bike routes -- [ee-tee-neh-RAH-ree-ooz deh bee-see-KLEH-tuh]

jardim botânico -- botanical garden -- [zhuhr-DEENG boo-TUH-nee-koo]

jardim zoológico -- zoo -- [zhuhr-DEENG zoo-LAW-zsee-koo]

lentes de contacto -- contact lens -- [LEHN-tehz deh kaun-TAHK-too]

linha aérea -- airline -- [LEE-neh-ah ah-EHR-ee-uh]

líquido de lentes de contacto -- liquid for contact lens -- [LEE-kee-thoo deh LEHN-tehz deh kaun-TAHK-too]

mapa de trilha -- trail map -- [MAH-puh deh treel-yuh]

massagem d’esportes -- sports massage -- [mahs-SAH-zsehng dee-SPAWR-tehz]

mensageiro de instante -- instant messenger -- [mehn-sah-zseh-ee-roo deh een-stahn-tuh]

mensagem de texto -- text message -- [mehn-SAH-zseng deh TEHK-stoo]

meu número de fax -- my fax number -- [mehoo NOO-meh-roh deh ‘fax’]

meu número de telefone -- my telephone number -- [mehoo NOO-meh-roh deh tehl-FAWN]

milhagem ilimitados -- unlimited mileage -- [mee-LYAH-zseng ee-lee-mee-TAH-thooz]

mousse de chocolate -- chocolate mousse -- [MOO-seh deh shoo-koo-LAHT]

música clássica -- classical music -- [MOO-zee-kuh KLAH-see-kuh]

nome do usuario -- username -- [NOH-mee

número de fax -- fax number -- [NOO-meh-roh deh ‘fax’]

número da policia local -- number of the local police -- [NOO-meh-roh dah poh-LEE-see-ah loh-KAHL]

número de telefone -- telefone number -- [NOO-meh-roo deh tehl-FAWN]

papel de alumínio -- aluminum foil -- [puh-PEHL deh uh-loo-MEE-nee-oo]

papel higiénico -- toilet paper-- [puh-PEHL ee-ZSEH-nee-koo]

para uso externo -- for external use (only) -- [PUH-ruh

passagem de esqui -- ski pass -- [puh-SAH-zseng deh ee-SKEE]

preço-fixo -- fixed-price -- [PREH-soo

protector solar -- sunscreen -- [praw-teh-TAUR soo-LAHR]

reação alérgica -- allergic reaction -- [rree-ah-SOHM uh-LEHR-gee-kuh]

restaurante portuguese tradicional -- traditional Portuguese restaurant -- [reh-STUH-OO-ruhnt por-too-GEHZ truh-dee-see-oo-NAHL]

rota alternada -- alternate route -- [RAW-tuh ahl-tehr-NAH-thuh]

serviço internet -- internet service -- [sehr-VEE-soo een-tehr-NEHT]

telefones celulares -- cell(ular) (tele)phones -- [tehl-FAWNZ sehl-oo-LAHRZ]

torneio de golf -- golf tournament -- [taur-NAY-oo deh gawlf]

vegetais variados -- mixed vegetables -- [veh-zseh-TEYEZ vuh-ree-AH-thooz]

vinho rosé -- rosé wine -- [VEE-nyoo RAU-zeh]

zona comercial -- commercial zone (for shopping) -- [ZAU-nuh koo-mehr-see-AHL]



área para não-fumantes -- non-smoking area -- [AH-ree-uh PUH-ruh nohm-foo-MUHNTS]

cartão telefônico (Brazil) -- phone card -- [kuhr-TOHM tehl-eh-FAWN-ee-koo]

correspondência para mim (Brazil) -- correspondence (mail) for me -- [kaw-rrehs-paun-DEHN-see-uh PUH-rah meeng]

estação de ônibus (Brazil) -- bus station -- [ee-stuh-SOHM deh AW-nee-boos]

fast food (Brazil) -- fast food -- [‘fast food’]

informações turisticas (Brazil) -- tourist information -- [een-foor-muh-SOINGZ too-REE-stee-kuhz]

meu nome (Brazil) -- my name – [mehoo NAU-mee]

nome completo (Brazil) -- full name -- [NOH-mee kohm-PLEH-too]

ônibus para o centro (Brazil) -- bus to the center (of town) -- [AW-nee-boos PUH-ruh oo SEHN-troo]



área para não-fumadores -- non-smoking area -- [AH-ree-uh PUH-ruh nohm-foo-muh-DAUR-ehs]

babysitter qualificada (Portugal) -- qualified babysitter -- [ ‘babysitter’ KWAH-lee-fee-KAH-thuh]

bicicleta de trêz-velocidades (Portugal) -- three-speed bicycle -- [bee-see-KLEH-tah deh trehz veh-LAW-see-DAH-dehz]



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