Easiest Romanian Sentences

Easiest Romanian Sentences feature words similar to English that will enable you to understand what is meant.

Use the spelling and/or sound of each word similar to English to help you figure out its meaning.

So from the key words similar to English you should be able to make out the meanings of the other Romanian connecting words that are not similar to English. Use the words similar to English as clues to the meanings of the other Romanian words. Try to just get the overall meaning of each sentence without trying to translate each unfamiliar Romanian word. Many are like sentences in English that express ideas you have said or heard often before.

The foreign version is placed first to encourage you to look for and recognize foreign words similar to ones in English -- and deduce what the foreign words mean by yourself without being given the translation first.

These sentences in Romanian are followed by the English words that would be a good guess using as clues the Romanian words similar to English. So as a result these are rough translations of the Romanian sentences, which may not be the exact meanings, but will be close enough that you could deduce what is meant.

After the Romanian and English versions of each sentence is the pronunciation of the Romanian sentence.

The easiest way is to just read them. Or if you see some you might possibly use on your trip to Romania, you can try to pronounce them, which is not easiest.

Consider each sentence as a puzzle you can probably solve. Have fun with the challenge of it. Try to guess what each Romanian sentence means without looking at the rough English version. See how far down the list you can get.

This list starts with the easiest short Romanian sentences to figure out, and then progresses to longer more challenging ones.

Romanian has fewer sentences similar to English than the nine other Easiest Foreign Languages for English speakers.

Almost all the sounds in Romanian are similar to English. Romanian is easy to pronounce because all the letters are pronounced [since it is a phonetic language.] This is another reason Romanian is an Easiest Foreign Language.





Nu! -- No! -- [noo]

Taxi! -- Taxi! -- [tak-SEE]

Pardon! -- Pardon! (May I get past) -- [par-DON]

Regret! -- I’m sorry! -- [‘regret’]

Un moment. -- Just a moment. -- [oon mo-MENT]

Este important. -- It’s important. -- [YES-teh eem-por-TANT]

Este urgent. -- It’s urgent. -- [YES-teh oor-JENT]

Este superb. -- It’s superb. -- [YES-teh ‘superb’]

Este defect. -- This is defective. -- [YES-teh oon de-FEKT]

Este interesant. -- It’s interesting. -- [YES-teh een-te-re-SANT]

Este magnific. -- It’s magnificent. -- [YES-teh mag-NEE-feek]

Este straniu. -- It’s strange. -- [YES-teh STRAN-yoo]

Alo. -- Hello. (telephone) -- [ah-LOH]

Am indigestie. -- I have indigestion. -- [am een-dee-JES-tee-eh]

Am diaree. -- I have diarrhea. -- [am dee-a-RE-eh]

Am febra. -- I have a fever. -- [am FE-brer]

Am pneumonie. -- I have pneumonia. -- [am pne-oo-mo-nee-eh]

Am reumatism. -- I have rheumatism. -- [am re-oo-ma-TEESM]

Am un abces. -- I have an abscess. -- [am oon ab-CHES]

Am alergie la polen. -- I have an allergy to pollen. -- [am a-ler-JEE-eh la po-LEN]

Am o rezervare. -- I have a reservation. -- [am o re-zer-VA-reh]

Am rezervat un apartament. -- We’ve reserved an apartment. -- [am re-zer-VAT oon a-par-ta-MENT]

Am reserved un apartament cu balcon. -- We’ve reserved an apartment with a balcony. -- [am re-zer-VAT oon a-par-ta-MENT koo bal-KON]

Sunt american. -- I’m American. -- [soont a-me-ree-KAN]

Sunt canadian. -- I’m Canadian. -- [soont ka-na-dee-AN]

Sunt englez. -- I’m English. -- [soont en-GLEZ]

Sunt britanic. -- I’m British. -- [soont bree-ta-NEEK]

Sunt irlandez. -- I’m Irish. -- [soont eer-lan-DEZ]

Sunt student. -- I’m a student. -- [soont stoo-DENT]

Sunt cu familia mea. -- I’m with my family. -- [soont koo fa-mee-lee-ah ME-ah]

Sunt cu mama mea. -- I’m with my mama. -- [soont koo ‘mama’ ME-ah]

Sunt vegetarian. -- I’m vegetarian. -- [soont ve-je-ta-ree-AN]

Sunt constipat. -- I’m constipated. -- [soont kon-stee-PAT]

Sunt diabetic. -- I’m diabetic. -- [soont dee-a-BE-teek]

Sunt alergic. -- I’m allergic. -- [am a-ler-JEEK]

Sunt alergic la polen. -- I’m allergic to pollen. -- [am a-ler-JEE la po-LEN]

Sunt alergic la antibiotic. -- I’m allergic to antibiotic. -- [am a-ler-JEEK la an-tee-bee-O-teek]

Este ocupat. -- It is occupied. -- [YES-teh o-koo-PAT]

Este rupt. -- It is ruptured (torn). -- [YES-teh roopt]

Este dislocat. -- It is dislocated. -- [YES-teh dees-lo-kat]

Este infectat. -- It is infected. -- [YES-teh een-fek-tat]

Este o alergie. -- It’s an allergy. -- [YES-teh oh a-ler-JEE-eh]

Regret, dar nu mai avem. -- I’m sorry, we don’t have any. -- [‘regret’ dar noo migh a-vem]

Filmul este blocat. -- The film is jammed. -- [FEEL-mool YES-teh blo-KAT]

Telefon este deranjat. -- The telephone is out of order. -- [te-le-FON YES-teh de-rahn-jat]

A fost un accident. -- There’s been an accident. -- [ah fost oon ak-chee-DENT]

E nevoie de un doctor. -- I need a doctor. -- [yeh ne-VO-yeh deh coon ‘doctor’]

Aceasta este confirmarea. -- Here’s the confirmation. -- [a-CHA-sta YES-teh kon-feer-MA-re-ah]

Alo, Jan la telefon. -- Hello, this is Jan (at the telephone). -- [a-LOH yahn lah te-le-FON]



Este un balcon? -- Is there a balcony? -- [YES-teh oon bal-KON]

Este un radio? -- Is there a radio? -- [YES-teh oon ‘radio’]

Este un computer? -- Is there a computer? -- [YES-teh oon ‘computer’]

Este la internet? -- Is there internet? -- [YES-teh lah een-ter-NET]

Este restaurant? -- Is there a restaurant? -- [YES-teh res-tau-RANT]

Este restaurant în hotel? -- Is there a restaurant in the hotel? -- [YES-teh res-tau-RANT uhn ‘hotel’]

Este snack bar? -- Is there a snack bar? -- [YES-teh ‘snack bar’]

Este un internet-cafe? -- Is there an internet cafe? -- [YES-teh oon een-ter-NET-‘café’]

Este café-bar? -- Is there a café bar? -- [YES-teh ‘café-bar’]

Este un program? -- Is there a program? -- [YES-teh oon pro-GRAM]

Este direct? -- Is it direct (flight)? -- [YES-teh ‘direct’]

Este un doctor? -- Is there a doctor? -- [YES-teh oon ‘doctor’]

Este un specialist? -- Is there a specialist? -- [YES-teh oon spe-cha-leest]

Este un dentist? -- Is there a dentist? -- [YES-teh oon den-TEEST]

Este un optician? -- Is there an optician? -- [YES-teh oon op-tee-chee-AN]

Este o baby sitter? -- Is there a babysitter? -- [YES-teh oh ‘babysitter’]

Este un deodorant? -- Is there a deodorant? -- [YES-teh oon de-o-do-RANT]

Este un desinfectant? -- Is there a disinfectant? -- [YES-teh oon dez-een-fek-TANT]

Este un DVD? -- Is there a DVD? -- [YES-teh oon ‘DVD’]

Este un compact disc player? -- Is there a compact disc player? -- [YES-teh oon ‘compact’ deesk ‘player’]

Este un adaptor? -- Is there an adaptor? -- [YES-teh oon a-dap-TOR]

Este un camping? -- Is there a camp site? -- [YES-teh oon ‘camping’]

Este material satin? -- Is the material satin? -- [YES-teh oon ma-te-ree-al sa-TEEN]

Este satin? -- Is it satin? -- [YES-teh sa-TEEN]

Este un telefon? -- Is there a telephone? -- [YES-teh oon te-le-FON]

Este o parcare? -- Is there a car park (parking lot)? -- [YES-teh oh par-KAR-eh]

Este un loc de campare? -- Is there a location to camp? -- [YES-teh oon lok deh kam-PA-reh]

Este electricitate? -- Is there electricity? -- [YES-teh e-lek-tree-chee-TA-teh]

Este moschee? -- Is there a mosque? -- [YES-teh mos-KE-yeh]

Este un matineu? -- Is there a matinee? -- [YES-teh oon ma-tee-NE-oo]

Este un balcon? -- Is there a balcony? -- [YES-teh oon bal-KON]

Este bej? -- Is there beige? -- [YES-teh bezh]

Este gri? -- Is there gray? -- [YES-teh gree]

Este purpuriu? -- Is there purple? -- [YES-teh poor-poo-REE-oo]

Este turcoaz? -- Is there turquoise? -- [YES-teh toor-KWAZ]

Este mediu? -- Is there a medium (M)? -- [YES-teh ME-dyoo]

Este lung? -- Is there a long? -- [YES-teh loong]

Este extralarg? -- Is it extra large (XL)? -- [YES-teh EX-tra-larg]

Este material sintetic? -- Is the material synthetic? -- [YES-teh oon ma-te-ree-al seen-TE-teek]

Este un celular? -- Is there a cellular (phone)? -- [YES-teh oon CHE-loo-lar]

Este un insecticid? -- Is there an insecticide? -- [YES-teh oon een-sek-tee-CHEED]

Este un televizor? -- Is there a television? -- [YES-teh oon te-le-vee-ZOR]

Este un meniu? -- Is there a menu? -- [YES-teh me-NEE-oo]

Este un bandaj? -- Is there a bandage? -- [YES-teh oon ban-DAZH]

Este un portar? -- Is there a porter? -- [YES-teh oon por-TAR]

Este un liftul? -- Is there a lift (elevator)? -- [YES-teh oon LEEF-tool]

Este un loc de campare? -- Is there a camp site? -- [YES-teh oon lok deh kam-PA-reh]

Este acces pentru persoane invalide? -- Is there easy access for invalids? -- [YES-teh ahk-CHES PEN-troo per-SWAN-neh een-va-LEE-deh]

Este permis? -- Is it permitted? -- [YES-teh per-MEES]

Am nevoie un permis? -- Do I need a permit? -- [am ne-VO-yeh oon per-MEES]

Unde este un taxi? -- Where is a taxi? -- [OON-deh YES-teh oon tak-SEE]

Unde este cinema? -- Where is the cinema? -- [OON-deh YES-teh chee-ne-MAH]

Unde este un film? -- Where is a film? -- [OON-deh YES-teh oon feelm]

Unde este Opera? -- Where is the opera house? -- [OON-deh YES-teh O-pe-rah]

Unde este un radio? -- Where is a radio? -- [OON-deh YES-teh oon ‘radio’]

Unde este un adaptor? -- Where is an adaptor? -- [OON-deh YES-teh oon a-dap-TOR]

Unde este un desinfectant? -- Where is a disinfectant? -- [OON-deh YES-teh oon dez-een-fek-TANT]

Unde este un optician? -- Where is an optician? -- [OON-deh YES-teh oon op-tee-chee-AN]

Unde este un compact disc (CD) player? -- Where is a compact disc player? -- [OON-deh YES-teh oon ‘compact’ deesk ‘player’]

Unde este un telefon? -- Where is a telephone? -- [OON-deh YES-teh oon te-le-FON]

Unde este toaleta? -- Where are the toilets? -- [OON-deh YES-teh twa-LE-ta]

Unde este o farmacie? -- Where is a pharmacy? -- [OON-deh YES-teh oh fahr-ma-CHEE-eh]

Unde este o farmacie non stop? -- Where is a 24 hour pharmacy? -- [OON-deh YES-teh oh fahr-ma-CHEE-eh ‘non stop’]

Unde este un autobuz? -- Where is a bus? -- [OON-deh YES-teh oon a-oo-to-BOOZ]

Unde este baia? -- Where is the bathroom? -- [OON-deh YES-teh BA-ya]

Unde este catedrala? -- Where is the cathedral? -- [OON-deh YES-teh kaht-te-DRA-lah]

Unde este universitatea? -- Where is the university? -- [OON-deh YES-teh oo-nee-ver-see-TA-te-ah]

Unde este fântâna? -- Where is the fountain? -- [OON-deh YES-teh fuhn-TUH-nah]

Unde este capela? -- Where is the chapel? -- [OON-deh YES-teh ka-PE-la]

Unde este statuia? -- Where is the statue? -- [OON-deh YES-teh sta-TOO-ya]

Unde este vale? -- Where is the valley? -- [OON-deh YES-teh VA-leh]

Unde este munte? -- Where is the mountain? -- [OON-deh YES-teh MOON-teh]

Unde este veterinar? -- Where is veterinarian? -- [OON-deh YES-teh ve-te-ree-NAR]

Unde este un bandaj? -- Where is a bandage? -- [OON-deh YES-teh oon ban-DAZH]

Unde este un parfum? -- Where is a perfume? -- [OON-deh YES-teh oon par-FOOM]

Unde este o batterie? -- Where is a battery? -- [OON-deh YES-teh oh ba-te-REE-eh]

Unde este un amplificator? -- Where is an amplifier? -- [OON-deh YES-teh oon am-plee-fee-ka-TOR]

Unde este un spital? -- Where is a hospital? -- [OON-deh YES-teh oon spee-TAL]

Unde sunt toaletele? -- Where are the toilets? -- [OON-deh soont twa-LE-te-leh]

Unde sunt ruinele? -- Where are the ruins? -- [OON-deh soont roo-EE-ne-leh]

Unde este barul? -- Where is the bar? -- [OON-deh YES-teh BA-rool]

Unde este restaurantul? -- Where is the restaurant? -- [OON-deh YES-teh res-tau-RAN-tool]

Unde este escalatorul? -- Where is the escalator? -- [OON-deh YES-teh es-ka-la-TO-rul]

Unde este liftul? -- Where is the lift (elevator)? -- [OON-deh YES-teh LEEF-tool]

Unde este parcul? -- Where is the park? -- [OON-deh YES-teh PAHR-kool]

Unde este portul? -- Where is the port? -- [OON-deh YES-teh POR-tool]

Unde este lacul? -- Where is the lake? -- [OON-deh YES-teh LA-kool]

Unde este teatrul? -- Where is the theater (plays)? -- [do-VEH eel TA-trool]

Unde este castelul? -- Where is the castle? -- [OON-deh YES-teh ka-STE-lool]

Unde este palatul? -- Where is the palace? -- [OON-deh YES-teh pa-LA-tool]

Unde este monumentul? -- Where is the monument? -- [OON-deh YES-teh mo-noo-MENT-ool]

Unde este muzeul? -- Where is the museum? -- [OON-deh YES-teh moo-ZE-ool]

Unde este planetarul? -- Where is the planetarium? -- [OON-deh YES-teh pla-ne-ta-ROOL]

Unde este stadionul? -- Where is the stadium? -- [OON-deh YES-teh sta-dee-O-nool]

Unde este cimitirul? -- Where is the cemetery? -- [OON-deh YES-teh chee-mee-TEE-rool]

Unde este oficiul de turism? -- Where is the office of tourism? -- [OON-deh YES-teh o-FEE-chee-ool deh too-REESM]

Serviciul este inclus? -- Service is included? -- [ser-VEE-chyool YES-teh een-KLOOS]

Este internet inclus? -- Is internet included? -- [YES-teh een-ter-NET een-KLOOS]

Este taxa inclus? -- Is tax included? -- [YES-teh TAK-sa een-KLOOS]

Kilometrajul este inclus? -- Mileage is included? -- [kee-lo-me-TRA-zhool YES-teh een-KLOOS]

Este totul inclus? -- Is everything included? -- [YES-teh TO-tool een-KLOOS]



Some Romanian sentences have words in a different order than they would be in English, but in spite of this you should be able to understand what the following sentences mean.

Adjectives Usually Follow Nouns in the Romance Languages


Numele meu este Jan. -- My name is Jan. -- [NOO-me-leh me-oo YES-teh yahn]

Am o carte de credit. -- I have a credit card. -- [am o KAR-teh deh-KRE-deet]

Am crampe la stomac. -- I have stomach cramps. -- [am KRAM-peh la sto-MAK]

Este un meniu special? -- Is there a special menu? -- [YES-teh me-NEE-oo spe-CHAL]

Este un bandaj elastic? -- Is there a elastic bandage? -- [YES-teh oon ban-DAZH ‘elastic’]

Este un telefon mobile? -- Is there a mobile telephone? -- [YES-teh oon te-le-FON mo-BEEL]

Este un spray contra insectelor? -- Is there an insect repellent spray? -- [YES-teh oon ‘spray’ ‘contra’ een-SEK-te-lor]

Ce voltaj are circuitul electric? -- What is the voltage (of the electric circuits)? -- [cheh vol-tazh A-reh cheer-koo-ee-tool ‘electric’]

Este un tren direct? -- Is it a direct train? -- [YES-teh oon tren ‘direct’]

Este un tren rapid? -- Is there an express train? -- [YES-teh oon tren ra-PEED]

Este un televizor color? -- Is there a color television? -- [YES-teh oon te-le-vee-ZOR ko-LOR]

Unde este un bandaj elastic? -- Where is an elastic bandage? -- [OON-deh YES-teh oon ban-DAZH ‘elastic’]

Unde este palatul regal? -- Where is the royal palace? -- [OON-deh YES-teh pa-LA-tool re-GAL]

Unde este monumentul comemorativ? -- Where is the memorial? -- [OON-deh YES-teh mo-noo-MENT-ool ko-me-mo-ra-teev]

Unde este centrul comercial? -- Where is the shopping center? -- [OON-deh YES-teh CHEHN-trool kohm-mehr-chee-AL]

Unde este centrul comercial principal? -- Where is the principal (main) shopping center? -- [OON-deh YES-teh CHEHN-trool kohm-mehr-chee-AL preen-chee-PAL]

Unde este un spray contra insectelor? -- Where is an insect spray? -- [OON-deh YES-teh oon ‘spray’ ‘contra’ een-SEK-te-lor]

Unde este cabinetul medical? -- Where is the doctors office? -- [OON-deh YES-teh ka-bee-NE-tool me-dee-KAL]

Unde este la cabinele de bagaje? -- Where is the baggage locker? -- [OON-deh YES-teh la ka-BEE-ne-leh deh ba-GAZH-eh]

Unde sunt cabinele de bagaje? -- Where are the baggage lockers? -- [OON-deh soont ka-BEE-ne-leh deh ba-GA-zheh]

Alo, centrala s-a înterupt convorbirea. -- Hello, operator, our conversation was interrupted. -- [a-LOH chen-TRA-lah sah uhn-te-roopt kon-vor-BEE-re-ah]

Trenul acesta are vagon restaurant? -- Is there a dining car on the train? -- [TRE-nool a-CHEHS-tah A-reh va-GOHN res-tau-RANT]

Trenul acesta are vagon de dormit? -- Is there a sleeping car on the train? -- [TRE-nool a-CHEHS-tah A-reh va-GOHN deh dor-MEET]

Unde este vagonul restaurant? -- Where is the dining car? -- [OON-deh YES-teh va-GO-nool res-tau-RANT]

Unde este vagonul de dormit? -- Where is the sleeping car? -- [OON-deh YES-teh va-GO-nool deh dor-MEET]


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