Easiest Swedish Introduction

You probably don't realize that you know some Swedish. Well, Easiest Foreign Languages will reveal that you already know quite a bit of Swedish, because many Swedish words look like English.

Easiest foreign languages have many words similar to your native language.

For English-speakers, Swedish is one of the easiest languages because it is one of the Germanic Language family, which includes English. It also includes Swedish, German, Dutch, Norwegian, and Danish – all of which have many words similar to English.

In each language, the parts similar to English can be called Easiest Swedish, Easiest German, Easiest Dutch, Easiest Norwegian, and Easiest Danish. These are the words of each language that are similar to English.

Each Easiest Foreign Language has thousands of words similar to English, including Swedish.

The Easiest Swedish words, which are similar to English, will make learning the Swedish language easier for you.


Learning a foreign language is never EASY.

But some foreign languages are EASIER than others.

Swedish, with many words like English, is one of the EASIEST.


1 -- A good way to find out how much you already know about Easiest Swedish is to start with Swedish Spelled Like English.

2 -- Swedish Spelled Like English Somewhat are words similar to English, but spelled somewhat differently than English -- although easily recognizable as clearly related to English.

3 -- Easiest Swedish Phrases feature words similar to English that will enable you to understand what is meant.

4 -- Easiest Swedish Sentences feature words similar to English that will enable you to understand what is meant.

5 -- Some Swedish Needs No Translation because the words similar to English will enable you to understand what is meant.

6 -- Some Swedish Phrases Need No Translation because the words similar to English will enable you to understand what is meant.

7 -- The easiest introduction to pronunciation of Swedish is to pronounce the Swedish words spelled like English, to hear how many are pronounced differently than English.

8 -- The very easiest Swedish Pronunciations are Swedish words spelled like English and also pronounced like English


Many Swedish words are spelled exactly like English. Even more Swedish words are spelled slightly different than English, but still look related.

Discover how much you know about Easiest Swedish just because you know English. You will recognize more Swedish words than you realize.

Since so many Swedish words resemble English, it makes sense to take advantage of your experience with those related words. If you are an English-speaker, you have spent years with these English words that resemble Swedish words. You know how to pronounce them, what they mean, how to use them in conversation, all without thinking about them consciously. Think a thought and these words spring to mind. So will their Swedish relatives, perhaps just a little more slowly.

Find out all the ways Easiest Swedish is similar to English, before starting to struggle with the differences.

A thousand Swedish words similar to English are easier to remember than ten foreign Swedish words unrelated to English.

If you've traveled to countries like Japan or China with difficult languages much different than English, like Japanese or Chinese, you know how hard it is as an English speaker to learn and remember even a few of those foreign words in difficult languages unrelated to English.


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