Easy Language Lessons

Easy Language Lessons

These free Easy Language Lessons are the easiest way to begin learning a foreign language.

Begin a Foreign Language in Ten Easy Lessons.

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Find out how much you know about these three foreign languages just because you know English!

Foreign Languages are Like English in Many Ways

The comedian Steve Martin in joking about his first visit to Paris once said: "The French are amazing — they have a different word for everything." But he was mistaken, as you will see. Many words in foreign languages look like English words.

Foreign Words And English Words Are Related

Are you aware that you already know many foreign words? In fact, you may not realize that you've been reading and speaking some foreign languages for years. In English many obviously foreign words and expressions are in common use. Also, foreign languages and English have thousands of other shared words which, in their written form at least, are strikingly similar or even identical.

Thousands of words in English and foreign languages look alike. Many are identical, and others have only minor changes in spelling, and are easy to recognize. In many cases, the only difference is the pronunciation.

It makes sense to begin by putting some of the already-learned skills of your first language English to good use in helping you learn a second language.



Easy Foreign Language Lesson One begins by explaining how Easiest Foreign Languages are easiest because so many foreign words are similar to English words.

Easy Foreign Language Lesson Two introduces foreign language Cognates -- foreign words that are similar to English words.

Easy Language Lesson Three reveals English words that have been adopted into foreign languages, in the lesson English Words in Foreign Languages.

Easy Language Lesson Four focuses on familiar foreign words that have been adopted into English, in the lesson Foreign Words in English.

Easy Language Lesson Five reveals more Foreign Words Spelled Like English.

Easy Language Lesson Six has words similar to English but with accent marks in foreign languages over some letters, in the lesson Foreign Words with Accent Marks.

Easy Language Lesson Seven has foreign words spelled somewhat like English, with part of the word spelled like English, but other parts spelled differently than English. Progressively it will show you foreign words spelled increasingly different from their English relatives, although still recognizable as related.

Easy Language Lesson Eight examines a different topic – a foreign word that looks similar to an English word but has a different meaning -- although it is somehow related enough to suggest the correct meaning of the foreign word.

For example, LIBRARIE in French means bookstore.

So 'librarie' in French is different from the English word it resembles (library) because it means bookstore, but similar in that both have to do with books, making it easier to remember.

Easy Language Lesson Nine introduces foreign False Cognates that reveal how in some cases a treacherous foreign word looks like an English word but has a different meaning that can be misleading.

Easy Language Lesson Ten on the sounds of foreign languages, unlike preceding lessons about look-alikes, focuses on sound-alikes. These are foreign words you know how to pronounce, because there are some foreign words you already know how to pronounce in English.

Sound similarities are far fewer than spelling similarities. So this lesson will take you a step farther from the likenesses between the languages toward the differences. It will prepare you for one of the logical next steps of learning: listening to and then speaking foreign languages.



Before beginning any other course of language study, it will help you to quickly glance through these Easiest Foreign Language Lessons first -- whether you are an adult trying to learn on your own -- or a student about to take a foreign language course in school.

After skimming through these Easiest Foreign Language Lessons first, you will find that any other language course will be much easier for you.

Students can get ready for their language courses quickly and easily, with these foreign words similar to English.

Students can discover how much they know about these easiest languages just because they know English. They will recognize more foreign words than they realize. This will make it easier for them as they begin their foreign language courses.

For example, Easy French Lessons on this website are the very easiest way for all students to begin French. Students can quickly begin French in ten easy lessons that simply reveal how much they already know about French just because they know English.

This is a quick Review of English that is an easy Preview of French -- no study required.

So any students who want to get an easy head start in French could take a little time to glance through these Easiest French Lessons before beginning foreign language classes in school. This will give them a great advantage over other students -- and also enable them to get higher grades in French class.

Students can read easiest foreign words related to English at their own pace, unlike being forced to keep up when trying to listen to a teacher speak a foreign language in class.

And for the first time ever, it is also possible in advance for students to read easy samples of the foreign languages they might consider taking in school, to decide which language might be easiest or most interesting for them.


Learning a foreign language is never EASY.

But some foreign languages are EASIER than others.

Foreign languages with many words like English are EASIEST.






BEFORE OTHER COURSES in foreign language for beginners, first find out how much you know about a foreign language from English.



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