English Needs No Translation For French

Some English Needs No Translation For French because the words similar French to will enable understanding of what is meant.

Use the spelling and/or sound of each English word similar to French to help you figure out its meaning.

From the key words similar to French you should be able to make out the meanings of the other English connecting words that are not similar to French. Use the words similar to French as clues to the meanings of the other English words.

Try to just get the overall meaning of each sentence without trying to translate each unfamiliar English word. Many are like sentences in French that express ideas you have said or heard often before.

Consider each sentence as a puzzle you can probably solve. Have fun with the challenge of it. See how far down the list you can get.

This list starts with the easiest English sentences for French-speakers to figure out, and then progresses to more challenging ones.

[In the following pronunciation guide, only English words pronounced like French are included now, enclosed in single quotation marks. The rest of the English pronunciations will be added later.]


Some English Needs No Translation For French



No. -- [no]

Oh no! -- [o no]


Excuse me.

My name is Paul.

I am from New York.

I am just in transit.

I am American.

I am Afro-American.

I am Canadian.

I am Australian.

I am Italian.

I am an artist.

I am a musician.

I am Protestant.

I am Catholic.

I am vegetarian.

I am married.

I am divorced.

I am separated.

I am heterosexual.

I am homosexual.

I am bisexual.

I am innocent.


I have problems.

I am diabetic.

I am asthmatic.

I am anemic.

I am constipated.

I am handicapped.

I am allergic.

I am allergic to penicillin.

I am allergic to antibiotics.

I am allergic to lactose.

I am allergic to gluten.

I’m vomiting.

I have cramps.

I have diarrhea.

I have arthritis.

I have a fever.

I am nauseous.

I was attacked.

I have experience.

I have a reservation.

I have reserved an apartment.


I would like a table for six.

I would like a salad.

I would like a sandwich.

I would like mayonnaise.

I would like a bottle of beer.

I would like a pack of cigarettes. -- [‘cigarette’s]

I would like a program. -- [‘program’]

I would like to join (go with) a group. -- [‘groupe’]

I would like to consult a chiropractor.

I would like to consult a gynecologist.

I would like to consult a optometrist.

I would like to consult a dermatologist.

I would like to consult a dentist.


It is terrible.

It is urgent.

It is romantic.

It is magnificent.

It is interesting.

It is too long. -- [‘long’]

It is too large.

It is too petite.

My valise is damaged. -- [‘valise’]

Inform my family.

The service was excellent.

My compliments to the chef. -- [‘chef’]



Where is the bar? -- [‘bar’]

Where is the bus?

Where is the train?

Where is the zoo?

Where is the sauna?

Where is the terminal?

Where is the synagogue?

Where is a restaurant?

Where is a film?

Where is a cabaret? -- [‘cabaret’]

Where is a casino?

Where is a concert ?

Where is some jazz?

Where is some rap?

Where is a snowboard? -- [‘snowboard’]

Where is a parasol?

Where is the escalator?


Where is a magazine? -- [‘magazine’]

Where is a T-shirt? -- [‘T-shirt’]

Where is a sweat shirt? -- [‘sweat shirt’]

Where is a bikini?

Where is a bracelet?

Where is a lotion?

Where are the tampons?

Where are the Kleenex® ?

Where are the taxis?

Where are the souvenirs? -- [‘souvenir’s]

Where are the skis? -- [‘ski’s]

Where is a café? -- [‘cafe’]

Where is a hotel?

Where is the conference?

Where is the deodorant?

Where is the desert?

Where is a opera?

Where is a discotheque?

Where is the parking?

Where is the (parking) garage? -- [‘garage’]

Where is a fast-food place? -- [‘food’]

Where is a camping place?

Where is a surfboard? -- [‘surf’-]

Where are the jeans?

Where are the shorts? -- [‘short’s]

Where is a pack of cigarettes? -- [‘cigarette’s]

Where is a bed and breakfast? -- [‘bed and’-]

Where is the chewing gum? -- [‘gum’]

Where is a jet ski? -- [‘ski’]

Where is a piece of pizza?

Where is a cyber (internet) café? -- [‘cafe’]

Where is the river?

Where is the mountain?

Where is the farm? -- [farm]

Where is the valley?

Where is the forest?

Where is the lake?

Where is the park? -- [‘parc’]

Where is the summit?

Where are the ruins?

Where is the fountain?

Where is the supermarket?

Where is the market?

Where is the bank?

Where is the cathedral?

Where is the pharmacy?

Where is the gym(nasium)?

Where is the palace?

Where is the museum?

Where is the airport?

Where is the toilets?

Where is the post office? -- [‘poste’]

Where is an aspirin?

Where is the ibuprofen?

Where is the shampoo?

Where the sandals?

Where is the cigars?

Where are the diamonds?

Where are the pearls?

Where is a brooch?

Where are the pajamas?

Where is the office of tourism (information)?

Where is a bottle of wine?

Where is a bar of chocolate?

Where is access for the handicapped?

Where are the toilets accessible for the handicapped?

Where do I pay?


Are you married?

Are you gay? -- [‘gay’]

Are you allergic?

Is it possible?

Is it difficult?

Is this the bus for New York?

What is the score? -- [‘score’]

What is the altitude?

What sort of salad is that? -- [‘sorte’]

What age are your infants?

What is the number of the train?

What is the number of the train and its destination?

Do I have to change trains?

The voyage, is it difficult?

Does the hotel have suites? -- [‘suite’s]

Does the hotel have a spa? -- [‘spa’]

Does the hotel have a kitchenette?

Could you recommend a restaurant?

Can you recommend a restaurant specializing in steaks? -- [‘steak’s]

Would you dance with me?



Some English sentences have words in a different order than they would be in French, but in spite of this you should be able to understand what the following sentences mean.


Where is the bus station?

Where is the toilet paper?

Where is an antiseptic cream?

Where is a jazz club?

Where are the tennis courts?


Do you have a menu?

Do you have a soda?

Do you have detergent?

Do you have a program? -- [‘programme’]

Do you have an adapter?

Do you have a scanner?

Do you have a reservation?

Do you have a fruit juice?

Do you have a Mac?

Do you have a bar? -- [‘bar’]

Do you have magazines? -- [‘magazine’s]

Do you have a cigarette? -- [‘cigarette’]

Do you have a pack of cigarettes? -- [‘cigarette’s]

Do you have a menu in English?

Do you have a vegetarian menu?

Do you have a menu for diabetics?

Do you have an audio guide?

Do you have an audio guide in English?

Do you have the telephone number of a taxi?

Do you have a bar of chocolate?

Do you have imported beer?

Do you have an internet connection?

Do you have a Wi-Fi internet connection?

Do you have Wi-Fi internet?

Do you have a plan in case of problems?


Do you accept checks?

Do you accept traveler’s checks?

Do you accept credit cards?

Do you accept Visa? -- [‘Visa’]

Do you accept MasterCard? -- [‘MasterCard’]

Do you accept American Express? -- [‘American Express’]

Do you accept Diner’s Club?

Will you accept six euros?

Do you offer excursions?

Do you offer a reduction for infants?

Do you offer massage service? -- [‘massage’]


What do you recommend?

Could you recommend an Italian restaurant?

Could you recommend a vegetarian restaurant?

Could you recommend a Japanese restaurant?

Could you recommend a Greek restaurant?

Could you recommend a buffet-style restaurant? -- [‘buffet’]

Could you recommend a restaurant with local specialities?

Could you recommend a restaurant with Asian specialties?


At what hour does the train depart?

At what hour do they serve dinner?

How much is par for this golf course? -- [‘par’ ‘golf’]

Is this golf course reserved for members?

May I invite you to dinner?

May I have your telephone number?

Does the hotel have a tennis court?

Does the hotel have cable television?

Does the hotel have satellite television?

Is the salad fresh? -- [‘fraîche’]

You are a member of what political party?



Do you accept traveler’s checks?

We accept traveler’s checks.

We accept credit cards.

Your credit card was refused.

Your credit card was rejected.

Enter your identification code.

They are for my personal use.

I received a Catholic education.

I have an allergic reaction.

I have a vaginal infection.



For an easier version of these sentences -- with French translations -- go to the web page Easiest English Sentences For French. There these same sentences and more appear along with the French translations to help you understand the English sentences more easily.



Signs in English That Need No Translation:



















January -- [DJÆN-you-eu-ri]

February -- [FÈ-brou-eu-ri]

March -- [mââtch]

April -- [ÉI-pril]

May -- [‘mai’]

June -- [djoûn]

July -- [djou-LAÏ]

August -- [OO-gueust]

September -- [sèp-TÈM-beu]

October -- [ok-TÔÔ-beu]

November -- [nôô-VÈM-beu]

December -- [di-SSÈM-beu]



















ten [ten]




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