English Phrases Need No Translation For French

Some English Phrases Need No Translation For French because the words similar French to will enable understanding of what is meant.

If you are a French-speaker, these phrases can help you learn English. Use the spelling and/or sound of each English word similar to French to help you figure out its meaning.

So from the key words similar to French you should be able to make out the meanings of the other English connecting words that are not similar to French. Use the words similar to French as clues to the meanings of the other English words.

Try to just get the overall meaning of each phrase without trying to translate each unfamiliar English word. Many are like phrases in French that express ideas you have said or heard often before.

Consider each phrase as a puzzle you can probably solve. Have fun with the challenge of it. See how far down the list you can get.

The few pronunciations included are mostly English words pronounced like French words. More pronunciations will be added.


English Phrases That Need No Translation For French


access for the handicapped

access to the internet


allergic to antibiotics

allergic to penicillin

allergic to steroids

another bottle

at the hotel

at the intersection

audio guide in English

bar of chocolate

bottle of beer

bottle of wine

box of chocolates

carafe of wine

casino aboard

change the baby

change buses

change trains

change my reservation

compatible with iTunes

confirm my reservation

connect to the internet

consult a chiropractor

consult a dermatologue

consult a gynecologist

consult a optometrist

contain traces of

cost per hour

cost per kilometer

cream of asparagus

cyber café

dance slow -- [‘slow’]

dance with me

dessert wine

different styles

exchange dollars into euros

film in English

film in French

for one

for six

for six hours

for six nights

history of this region

in case of problems -- [PRO-blem]

in transit

insert the card

lesson with a professional

long distance -- [‘longue’]

menu for diabetics

menu in English

message for me

my aunt

my compliments

my fiancé -- [‘fiancé’]

my fiancée -- [‘fiancée’]

my grandparents

my hotel

my name

my niece

my nephew

my number

my parents

my partner -- [‘partenaire’]

my passport

my profession

my uncle

New Zealander


Oh no! -- [o no]

office of tourism (information)

on vacation

one plus one

pack of cigarettes -- [‘cigarette’s]

pay by (credit) card

pay the tax

piece of pizza

place your bags

plan in case of problems -- [PRO-blem]

pop music

portions for infants

price to enter

promenade in the park -- [‘promenade’]

prudent to continue

receive a fax

recommend a baby-sitter

recommend a dentiste

recommend a doctor

recommend a pediatrician

reduction for infants

reduction for students

repair the television

repair the toilet

reserve an apartment

reserve a table

reserved for females

reserved for members

six hours

six minus six

six plus six

special for the weekend -- [‘week-end’]

subtitles in English

sufficient space

table for six

toilets accessible for the

toilets in the campground

too large

too long

too petite

trout with almonds

type of music



In some cases, an English phrase for a French word has words in a different order than they would be in French, but in spite of this you should be able to understand what the following phrases mean.

In English, adjectives usually precede the nouns they modify, whereas in French adjectives often follow the nouns they modify.



airport surcharge

à la carte menu

allergic reaction

American economy

American format

American election

American music

American restaurant

antiseptic cream

apricot tart -- [‘tarte’]

automatic transmission

baseball tournament

basketball tournament

botanical garden

boxing match

buffet-style restaurant -- [‘buffet’]

bus station

cable television

Catholic education

Chinese restaurant

change my reservation

chocolate mousse

chocolate soufflé -- [‘soufflé’]

classical music

club with French music

commercial center

commercial quarter

contact lens

contact lens solution

contact me

contraceptive pills

credit card

cricket match

different route

direct bus

direct number

economy class

erectile-dysfunction pills

family restaurant

fax number

fixed-price menu

folk music

for my personal use

French economy

French election

French music

French restaurant

fruit juice

gay club

golf balls -- [‘golf’]

golf clubs -- [‘golf’]

golf match

golf tournament

Greek restaurant

high chair for a baby

identification code -- [ ‘code’]

in American format

kosher menu

identification code -- [‘code’]

imported beer

in English

interesting person

international student card

internet connection

Italian restaurant

Japanese restaurant

jazz club

local beer

massage service -- [‘massage’]

membership card

memory card

minutes on my telephone card

mixed salad

my credit card

my telephone number

New Age music

new balls

number of the train

number of the train and its destination

onion soup

orange juice

philharmonic orchestra

political party

pop music

preferred language

pre-paid telephone card

price per kilometer

price per night

public telephone

recommend a bed and breakfast (B&B) -- [‘bed and breakfast’]

recommend a hotel

recommend a motel -- [‘motel’]

recommend a restaurant

restaurant specializing in steaks -- [‘steak’]

restaurant with Asian specialties

restaurant with local specialities

rosé (wine) -- [‘rosé’]

satellite radio

satellite television

Spanish restaurant

sports massage

table wine

telephone card

telephone line

telephone number

tennis courts

tennis match

tennis tournament

toilet paper

tomato salad

tomato soup

traditional French restaurant

United States

vegetarian menu

vegetarian restaurant

Visa card -- [‘Visa’]

visiting hours

vaginal infection

volleyball match

volleyball tournament

Wi-Fi connection

Wi-Fi internet

wine list

you recommend



For an easier version of these phrases -- with French translations -- go to the web page Easiest English Phrases. There these same phrases and more appear along with the French translations to help you understand the English phrases more easily.

For an easier version of these phrases -- with French translations -- go to the web page Easiest English Phrases for French.



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For a greater challenge, go to the web page Easiest English Sentences for French, where some of these same phrases appear in easy English sentences.

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