English Phrases Need No Translation For Swedish

Some English Phrases Need No Translation For Swedish because the words similar Swedish to will enable understanding of what is meant.

Use the spelling of each English word similar to Swedish to help you figure out its meaning.

From the key words similar to Swedish you should be able to make out the meanings of the other English connecting words that are not similar to Swedish. Use the words similar to Swedish as clues to the meanings of the other English words.

Try to just get the overall meaning of each phrase without trying to translate each unfamiliar English word. Many are like phrases in Swedish that express ideas you have said or heard often before.

Consider each phrase as a puzzle you can probably solve. Have fun with the challenge of it. See how far down the list you can get.

[In the following pronunciation guide, English words pronounced like Swedish are included, enclosed in single quotation marks. Some pronunciations of other English words are also included. The rest of the English pronunciations will be added later.]


English Phrases That Need No Translation For Swedish


alcohol-free drink

allergic to penicillin

allergic to antibiotics

allergic reaction

antiseptic salve

botanical garden

check out

coffee without caffeine

classical music

club with live music -- [‘club’ ‘live’]

club with local music -- [‘club’]

come here

cup of coffee

cup of tea -- [te]

cup of tea with milk -- [te]

cup of coffee without caffeine

first bus to Stockholm

first class

flight to New York

for a day

for a conference

for one person

for souvenirs

half kilo -- [‘kilo’

half liter -- [‘liter’]

handicapped toilet

hotel in New York -- [‘hotel’]

in a tourist group

information on a sightseeing tour -- [‘sightseeing’]

lift pass for a day -- [‘lift pass’]

log in -- [‘in’]

log out

local music

my family

my credit card

my number

my telephone number

nearest park

one million

flight number

open the door

over night

park here

parking forbidden

per day

per kilometer

platform three

recommend a hotel -- [‘hotel’]

recommend a cafe -- [‘cafe’]

recommend a restaurant

recommend a sightseeing tour -- [‘sightseeing’]

sit here

tour in English

tourist class

under here -- [‘under’]

vaginal infection

vodka (with) tonic -- [‘vodka’ ‘tonic’]



In some cases, a two word phrase in English is similar to one word in Swedish.


aluminium foil -- [ah-LEU-mih-num foyl]

beef steak -- [beef stayk]

business center -- [‘business’ SEHN-tehr]

bus terminal -- [‘buss’ TEHR-mih-nahl]

camping place -- [KAM-ping plays]

conference room -- [KOHN-feh-rehns room]

contact lens -- [KOHN-takt lehnz]

credit card -- [KREH-diht kard]

dessert wine -- [deh-ZERT wien]

drink list -- [‘drink’ lihst]

double room -- [‘double’ room]

e-mail address -- [ee-mayl ad-REHS]

fax number -- [‘fax’ NUHM-behr]

fruit juice -- [froot joos]

fruit salad -- [froot ‘salad’]

golf clubs -- [‘golf’ kluhbz]

hair spray -- [hehr ‘spray’]

heart problem -- [hahrt PROH-blehm]

insect bite -- [IN-sekt bait]

internet café -- [IN-ter-net ‘kafé’]

kiwi fruit -- [KEE-wee froot]

lactose Intolerant -- laktosintolerant [LAK-tohs in-TOH-leh-rent]

live music -- [‘live’ MEU-zihk]

mineral water -- [MIHN-eh-rahl WA-ter]

nail file -- [nayl fail]

nature preserve -- [NA-chur pree-SERV]

parking place -- [PAR-king plays]

potato salad -- [poh-TAY-toh ‘salad’]

potato soup -- [poh-TAY-toh soop]

roast beef -- [‘rost’ beef]

rump steak -- [‘rump’ stayk]

rumservice -- [room SEHR-vihs]

sightseeingtur -- [‘sightseeing’ ‘tur’]

soda water -- [‘soda’ WA-tehrn]

souvenir boutique -- [ ‘souvenir’-buh-teek]

T-bone steak -- [‘T’-bohn stayk]

telephone card -- [TEH-leh-fohn kard]

telephone number -- [TEH-leh-fohn NUHM-behr]

tennis match -- [‘tennis’ matsh]

toilet paper -- [TOY-leht PAY-pehr]

tomato soup -- [toh-MAY-toh soop]

tuna fish -- [TOO-nah fihsh]

tour in English -- [‘tur’ ihn EHNG-lehsh]

tourist group -- [‘tur’-ihst groop]

tourist information -- [‘tur’-ihst ihn-for-MAY-shuhn]

water fall -- [WAH-tehr ‘fall’]

water skis -- [WAH-tehr skeez]

wine list -- [wain lihst]


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