English Pronounced Like Portuguese

English Pronounced Like Portuguese provides the easiest introduction to the pronunciation of English words.

The very easiest English Pronunciations are English words spelled like Portuguese and also pronounced like Portuguese, as listed below.

These are also the very easiest English words to take with you when you travel to an English-speaking country.

Some of the following Portuguese words spelled like English are recently borrowed from English, like ‘computer’. Some others have been borrowed by both English and Portuguese from other languages, like ‘café’ from French.

In the following pronunciation guide, English words pronounced like Portuguese are enclosed in single quotation marks, as in: bar [‘bar’].

To keep English pronunciation easiest, English words are shown to have a similar pronunciation to Portuguese if the stress is on the same syllable, and the letters are pronounced enough alike that English people will probably understand what you mean if you pronounce those words as you do in Portuguese. You may merely sound like you have a ‘Portuguese accent’ in English.

Later you can listen to how English people pronounce these words, and try to mimic any small differences in pronunciation to make them sound more authentically English. For example, the letter –i- in English is usually pronounced ‘ih-‘ [rather than ‘-ee-’ as in Portuguese]


English Spelled Like Portuguese And Pronounced Like Portuguese:


advertising -- [‘advertising’]

banana -- [‘banana’]

bar (place) -- [‘bar’]

café -- [‘café’]

Califórnia -- [‘Califórnia’]

Coca Cola -- [‘Coca Cola’]

gay (homosexual’) -- [‘gay’]

granola -- [‘granola’]

Jacuzzi -- [‘Jacuzzi’]

jeans -- [‘jeans’]

marketing -- [‘marketing’]

OK -- [‘OK’]

piano -- [‘piano’]

pizza -- [‘pizza’]

show -- [‘show’]

ski (boots) -- [‘ski’]

snorkling -- [‘snorkling’]

super -- [‘super’]

T-shirt -- [‘T-shirt’]


USED IN PORTUGAL (But Not In Brazil)

babysitter -- [‘babysitter’] (Portugal only)

sweatshirt -- [‘sweatshirt’] (Portugal only)


USED IN BRAZIL (But Not In Portugal)

check in -- [‘check in’] (Brazil only)

fast food -- [‘fast food’] (Brazil only)

playground -- [‘playground’] (Brazil only)



After English words spelled like Portuguese and also pronounced like Portuguese, the next easiest English pronunciations are English words pronounced like Portuguese but spelled differently than Portuguese.

English words pronounced like Portuguese but spelled differently are pronunciations that you already know from Portuguese that apply to English.

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