European Languages For Travelers

Easiest European Languages For Travelers reveal that you are ready for ten languages on your trip to Europe -- or Latin America.

The ten Easiest Foreign Languages related to English all originated in ten countries in Europe.

These ten European languages all have thousands of words similar to English.

The ten Easiest European Languages are Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Romanian.

So now you can get ready for the languages of several or many European countries, depending on your trip. Easiest Languages makes it much easier than you ever thought possible. For the first time ever, it will eventually be possible to get ready for up to ten languages in Europe, with Easiest Languages.

Each Easiest European language contains one thousand Travel Words similar to English.

A thousand foreign words similar to English are easier to remember and use than ten totally foreign words unrelated to English!



All these easiest foreign travel words related to English will enable you to read your way around Europe, reading some words in foreign signs, menus and newspapers.

Finding your way around depends so much on reading, even more than speaking and listening.

Being able read foreign words related to English is a good ability to have because it will help you as a tourist in Europe to find your way around. Even if you are unable to speak much in a foreign language, nor able to understand what foreigners say.

You can read easiest foreign words related to English at your own pace, unlike being forced to keep up when trying to listen to a foreigner speak.

Novices will be able to comprehend some of what’s written in foreign languages.

Since so many foreign words resemble English, it makes sense to take advantage of your entire lifetime experience with the English words that resemble foreign words.

So you will find that being already able to read many words like English in Easiest Foreign Languages will help you read your way around Europe.



Not only are the Easiest European Languages similar to English, they are also similar to each other. So getting ready for Europe even easier because two families of European languages are related to English:

Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Romanian are all Romance languages [from Roman Latin]. Look at Easiest Italian words, and they will make Easiest French even easier for you [and vice versa] -- because over seventy percent of the words are similar in all related Romance languages -- so also similar in Easiest Spanish, Easiest Portuguese, and Easiest Romanian.

German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, all in the Germanic Language family with English, are also similar to each other. Looking at Easiest Dutch words will make Easiest German even easier for you [and vice versa] because so many of the words are similar – and also similar in Easiest Norwegian, Easiest Swedish, and Easiest Danish.



Each Easiest Language is a quick overview of all the things you already know about foreign language because you know English. So it is a review of English that is a preview of foreign language.

Each Easiest Language has one thousand Travel Words similar to English that you can glance over in one hour.

So one hour to prepare for one country's language, three hours for three countries, and only ten hours if you are traveling to all ten of these European countries with Easiest Languages similar to English, and similar to each other. This was never possible before Easiest Languages.


Since so many foreign words resemble English, it makes sense to take advantage of your entire lifetime experience with those look-alike words.

You have spent your entire life with these English words that resemble foreign words. You know how to pronounce them, what they mean, how to use them in conversation, all without thinking about them consciously.

Think a thought and these words spring to mind. So will their foreign relatives, perhaps just a little more slowly.


Learning a foreign language is never EASY.

But some foreign languages are EASIER than others.

European languages with many words like English are EASIEST.

Nothing else is easier.



Which of these Easiest European Languages might be the Easiest Foreign Language for you?

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Easiest Languages have thousands of words similar to English, so:

“This is The Easiest Way to Begin Learning Foreign Languages.”

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