Cure for Foreign Language Envy

Ezine Article: Cure Discovered for Foreign Language Envy

By R. J. Masters

Do you ever meet someone who can speak a foreign language -- and feel envious because you cannot? Does someone who can speak six or seven languages make you ill with envy?

Well, a cure has just been discovered for this widespread foreign language envy.

A new website reveals that you can already read ten languages -- but do not realize it.

The new website -- -- reveals many foreign words are similar to English, especially in writing.

So even without ever having taken a foreign language course, you can already read a surprising amount in the following easiest languages widely taught in schools: Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Also, you can already read these less widely taught languages: Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and even Romanian.

Each of these foreign languages has thousands of words similar to English, which are easier to read and remember than any foreign words unrelated to English.

Being able read thousands of foreign words related to English will make you realize that you already are ready for that foreign language course you’ve always wanted to take.

In each language, the words similar to English can be thought of as Easiest French, Easiest Spanish, Easiest Italian, Easiest German.

Here’s an example of Easiest French: Mon nom est Paul. J’ai réservé un appartement. Je suis allergique à la pénicilline. Informez ma famille. Où sont des toilettes accessibles aux handicapés?

At the end of this article are examples of all ten Easiest Foreign Foreign Languages that you can read NOW.

You can read easiest foreign words related to English at your own pace, unlike being forced to keep up when trying to listen to a teacher speak a foreign language in class.

So now you can get ready for any language course you might want to take, with these foreign words similar to English.

For the first time ever, it is possible in advance for you to read easy samples of the foreign languages you might consider taking, to decide which language might be easiest for you, or most interesting -- and in only a few hours.

You can discover how much you know about these easiest languages just because you know English. You will recognize more foreign words than you realize.

This will make it easier to you begin a foreign language course -- and help you get a head start in any course with these easiest foreign words, which will make your course work much easier.

For example, EASY FRENCH LESSONS are the easiest way to begin French. You can start learning French in ten easy lessons that simply reveal how much you already know about French just because you know English.





Es romántico.

Es interesante.

Es urgente.

Mi teléfono no funciona.

¿Es éste el tren a Guadalajara?

¿Está incluido servicio?



Mon nom est Paul.

J’ai réservé un appartement.

Je suis allergique à la pénicilline.

Informez ma famille.

Où sont des toilettes accessibles aux handicapés?



Avete un menù in inglese?

Avete informazioni su un’escursione a Roma?

Posso ricevere un fax?

Quanto costa per un’ora?

C’è un’audio guida in inglese?

C’è la toilette per i disabili?

Ci sono messaggi per me?

C’è un problema.

L’aria condizionata non funziona.



Mein Name ist Jan.

Wann ist der Check-out?

Hier ist meine E-Mail-Adresse.

Es ist romantisch.

Ich habe eine allergische Reaktion.

Ist das der Bus?

Kann ich hier parken?

Kann ich der Kaffee mit Milch haben?

Ich muss ein Fax senden.

Wann beginnt es?

Wann endet es?



Mijn naam is Jan.

Waar is de supermarkt?

Wat is uw telefoonnummer?

Is er livemuziek?

Ik heb een e-ticket.

Hier is mijn e-mailadres.



Kan jeg sende en e-mail?

Kan vi campere her?

Kan du vække mig ved midnat?

Er der en indendørs pool?

Det er romantisk.

Jeg kommer fra USA.

Jeg har en allergisk reaktion.



Kan du hjelpe meg?

Kan vi campe her?

Kan du sende meg en kopi?

Er service inkludert?

Det er interessant.

Hvor er nærmeste busstasjonen?




Este é o meu número.

O meu telefone não funciona.

É kosher?

Posso receber fax?

Pode recomendar-me um restaurante?

Pode recomendar-me uma excursão em inglês?

Há descontos para estudantes?

Necessito um dentista.



Am alergie la polen.

Am rezervat un apartament cu balcon.

Este un televizor?

Este un meniu?

Este un insecticid?

Este extralarg?

Este taxa inclus?

Serviciul este inclus?

Telefon este deranjat.



Kan du rekommendera en restaurang?

Var är en klubb med lokal musik?

Är du allergisk mot antibiotika?

Jag är i en turistgrupp.

Jag är här med min familj.

Här är mitt telefonnummer.


Go to to find out all about these 10 easiest languages for you.

This will enable you to get an easy head start for that foreign language course you’ve always wanted to take.

“So someone finally found a cure for Foreign Language Envy,” said a famous foreign-language professor (who asked to remain anonymous). “Our profession has been trying to solve that problem for hundreds of years -- without any solution in sight -- until now. Every other method we have tried is still too difficult -- and didn’t stop the suffering of the students. Just ask anyone who has ever taken a foreign language course. No other method is easy -- even though some claim to be. This truly is the easiest way to begin a foreign language.”



The new Easiest Foreign Languages website has been developed to help more people begin foreign languages the easiest way. It reveals that many foreign words are similar to English, especially in writing, and shows you how much you know about easiest foreign languages just because you know English. This free resource has been developed by Robert Masters, who previously served as a consultant for Roget’s II Thesaurus.


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