French for Italian Phrases

French for Italian Phrases features French words similar to Italian that will enable you to understand what is meant. Use the spelling and/or sound of each French word similar to Italian to help you figure out its meaning.

After single words in French spelled like Italian, a good next step is short phrases of several French words similar to Italian. To keep it easiest, these are phrases but not sentences, as are in Phrase Books for Travel. Sentences have too many words to deal with when you are just beginning.

After the French and Italian versions of each phrase is the English version of the phrase, whenever an English phrase is similar to the French and Italian versions.

Consider each phrase as a puzzle you can probably solve. Have fun with the challenge of it. Try to guess what each French phrase means without looking at the Italian version. See how far down the list you can get.




agence de voyage -- agenzia di viaggi

allergique à la pénicilline -- allergico/a alla penicillina -- allergic to penicillin

allergique aux antibiotiques -- allergico/a agli antibiotici -- allergic to antibiotics

allergique au gluten -- allergico/a a il glutine -- allergic to gluten

audio guide -- audio guida -- audio guide

bière importée -- birra importata -- imported beer

bouteille de vin -- bottiglia di vino -- bottle of wine

carafe de vin -- caraffa di vino -- carafe of wine

carte de crédit -- carta di credito -- credit card

carte prépayée -- carta prepagata -- pre-paid card

centre commercial -- centro commerciale

classe économique -- classe economica -- economy class

crème antiseptique -- crema antisettica -- antiseptic cream

infection vaginale -- infezione vaginale -- vaginal infection

jardin botanique -- giardino botanico -- botanical garden

lentille de contact -- lente a contatto -- contact lens

menu à prix fixe -- menù a prezzo fixe -- fixed-price menu

menu en anglais -- menù in inglese -- menu in English

mon numéro -- mio numero -- my number

musique classique -- musica classica -- classical music

musique folklorique -- musica folk -- folk music

musique pop -- musica pop -- pop music

numéro de fax -- numero di fax -- fax number

pack de cigarettes -- pacchetto di sigarette -- pack of cigarettes

paquet de cigarettes -- pacchetto di sigarette -- pack of cigarettes

pour trois nuits -- per tre notti -- for three nights

pour un -- per uno -- for one

pour un heure -- per un’ora -- for one hour

première classe -- prima classe

premier bus -- primo autobus

premier train -- primo treno

réaction allergique -- reazione allergica -- allergic reaction

recevoir un fax -- ricevere un fax -- receive a fax

solution pour lentilles de contact -- soluzione per le lenti contatto -- contact lens solution

station de bus -- stazione degli autobus -- bus station

table pour un -- tavola per uno -- table for one

une autre -- un’altra -- one other (another)

une autre bouteille -- un’altra bottiglia -- another bottle

vin rouge -- vino rosso -- red wine

(More French for Italian Phrases will be added later, so check back later.)



For a greater challenge, go to the web page French for Italian Sentences. There some of these same Italian phrases appear in easy French sentences.

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