French Next Step - Easy French Reader

Easy French Reader is a book that is a good next step after Easiest French.


Easy French Reader has certain features that make it a good next step to follow Easiest French:

• Easy French Reader is book that beginners in French can actually read—almost from the very first day of study.

• Easy French Reader is based on the idea that the best way to learn a language is to start reading it, immediately as a beginner, and that you learn quickest simply by reading. It works, partly because English and French share so many words and concepts.

• It uses elementary vocabulary.

• Everything explains itself, except for a small number of definitions in the margin for new vocabulary words you may not know.

• Suitable for a brand-new beginner or advanced-beginner. A rudimentary knowledge of each language is essential to use these books, but it can be minimal.

• Features readings that progress in difficulty to allow you to rapidly build your comprehension.

• Gives you confidence that you can read French.

• Additional CD-ROM contains recordings of more than twenty-five passages featured in each book [which can be used with a CD player, downloaded to an iPod or other mp3 player, or heard via computer where the text can simultaneously be viewed on screen].

• Begins with a story of an American high school girl who moves to France with her family and meets a boy who helps her learn French. It starts out as a very basic reader a little like ‘See Spot run, see Jane run after Spot’ kind of style of the classic English beginning reader for small children.

• The second section provides some history of the culture of France.

• The third section contains readings in contemporary French literature.

• The book keeps verb tenses to a minimum.

• No grammar lessons or vocabulary lists or verb conjugations.


Customer Review:

“This is a great way to learn to read and to expand on your very basic knowledge of the language. You can read and try to understand everything from the context. If you need help in understanding, there is a glossary of new words.”


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