French Next Step: Slow French

French Next Step Slow French is available on the website News In Slow French.

Two presenters read the Weekly News in simplified French at a slow pace so that you can understand almost every word and sentence.

While you listen to the simplified Slow French, your eyes can follow along on a printed version of this Weekly News.

Some selected text fragments that might be difficult French vocabulary words for you appear in light blue print.

To see the English translation of these difficult French words, you simply mouse-over these French text fragments in light blue, and then their meanings appear as you continue to listen to the Weekly News in slow French.

After each paragraph you can pause the audio so that you can try to read the next paragraph on your own -- with the help of the meanings given for the more difficult French words in light blue print -- before you resume the more challenging task of listening to the French.


This online course emphasizes the following aspects of language learning:

Listening Comprehension

French Cognates Similar To English

Rapid Vocabulary Expansion

French Grammar

Common Idiomatic Expressions

Pronunciation Practice

Interactive Grammar Exercises

The motto of this website is: “You know more French than you think!”


Below is a link to the website News In Slow French page that has a DEMO you can listen to.


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