French Phrases Need No Translation


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Some French Phrases Need No Translation because the words similar to English will enable you to understand what is meant.

Use the spelling and/or sound of each word similar to English to help you figure out its meaning.

So from the key words similar to English you should be able to make out the meanings of the other French connecting words that are not similar to English.

Use the words similar to English as clues to the meanings of the other French words.

Try to just get the overall meaning of each phrase without trying to translate each unfamiliar French word.

Many are like phrases in English that express ideas you have said or heard often before.

The easiest way is to just read them.

Or if you see some you might possibly use when you travel to France or Tahiti, you can try to pronounce them, which is not easiest.

Consider each phrase as a puzzle you can probably solve. Have fun with the challenge of it. See how far down the list you can get.




accès pour handicapés -- [ahk-SEH poor awng-dee-kah-PAY]

allergique aux antibiotiques -- [ah-lehr-ZHEEK oh zawhng-tee-bee-yoh-TEEK]

allergique à la pénicilline -- [ah-lehr-ZHEEK ah lah pay-nee-see-LEEN]

barre de chocolat -- [bahr duh shoh-koh-LAH]

changer de bus -- [shawng-ZHAY duh bews]

changer de train -- [shawng-ZHAY duh trehng]

confirmer ma réservation -- [kohng-feer-MAY mah ray-zehr-vah-see-YOHNG]

connecter à l’Internet -- [koh-nehk-TAY ah ehng-tehr-NEHT]

en garde [awng gard]

en famille -- [awng fah-MEE-yuh]

en route -- [awng ‘route’]

en transit -- [awng trawng-ZEET]

excusez-moi [ehk-skew-zay-MWAH]

grand projet -- [grawng proh-ZHAY]

message pour moi -- [meh-SAHZH poor mwah]

mon enfant -- [mohng nawng-FAWNG]

mon nom -- [mohng nohng]

mon numéro -- [mohng new-may-ROH]

mon passeport -- [mohng pahs-POHR]

numéro d’un taxi -- [new-may-ROH duhng tahk-SEE]

objet d‘art -- [ohb-zhay dahr]

office de tourisme -- [oh-FEES duh too-REES-muh]

payer la taxe -- [pay-YAY lah tahks]

pièce de pizza -- [pee-YEHS duh peed-ZAH]

pop musique -- [pohp mew-ZEEK]

portions pour enfants -- [pohr-see-YOHNG poor awng-FAWNG]

première dame -- [preh-MYEHR dahm]

recevoir un fax -- [ruh-suh-VWAH un fahks]

recommander une baby-sitter -- [reh-koh-mawng-DAY ewn bah-bee-see-TUHR]

recommander un dentiste -- [reh-koh-mawng-DAY uhng dawng-TEEST]

recommander un docteur -- [reh-koh-mawng-DAY uhng dohk-TUHR]

réduction pour les enfants -- [ray-dewk-see-YOHNG poor lay zawng-FAWNG]

réduction pour les étudiants -- [ray-dewk-see-YOHNG poor lay zay-tew-dee-YAWNG]

réduction pour les seniors -- [ray-dewk-see-YOHNG poor lay say-NYOHR]

réduction pour les touristes -- [ray-dewk-see-YOHNG poor lay too-REEST]

réparer le toilette -- [ray-pah-RAY lay twah-LEHT]

réserver un appartement -- [ray-zehr-VAY uhng nah-pahrt-MAWNG]

réserver une table -- [ray-zehr-VAY ewn TAH-bluh]

succès d’estime -- [sook-SEH dehs-TEEM]

toilettes accessibles aux handicapés -- [twah-LEHT ahk-seh-SEE-bluh oh awng-dee-kah-PAY]



Some French phrases have words in a different order than they would be in English, but in spite of this you should be able to understand what the following phrases mean.

In French, adjectives often follow the nouns they modify, whereas in English adjectives usually precede the nouns they modify.


aide mémoire -- [ayd may-MWAHR]

bière importée -- [bee-YEHR ehng-pohr-TAY]

bière locale -- [bee-YEHR loh-KAHL]

bus direct -- [bews dee-REHKT]

carte de crédit -- [kahrt duh kray-DEE]

centre commercial -- [sawng-truh koh-mehr-see-YAHL]

chèques de voyages -- [shehk duh vwah-YAHZH]

club gay -- [‘club gay’]

club de jazz -- [‘club’ duh zhahz]

club de musique française -- [‘club’ duh mew-ZEEK frawng-SEHZ]

connexion internet -- [koh-nek-see-YOHNG ehng-tehr-NEHT]

connexion Wi-Fi -- [koh-nek-see-YOHNG ehng-tehr-NEHT wee-FEE]

courts de tennis -- [koor duh tay-NEES]

crème antiseptique -- [krehm awng-tee-sehp-TEEK]

directeur sportif -- [dee-rehk-TUHR spor-TEEF]

enfant terrible -- [awng-FAWNG teh-REEBL]

force majeure -- [‘force’ mah-ZHUHR]

heures de visite -- [zuhr duh vee-ZEET]

infection vaginale -- [ehng-fehk-see-YOHNG vah-zhee-NAHL]

juice de fruit -- [zhew duh frwee]

liste des vins -- [leest day vehng]

lotion anti-insectes -- [loh-see-YOHNG awng-tee-ehng-SEHKT]

ma carte de crédit -- [mah kahrt duh kray-DEE]

match de golf -- [‘match’ duh ‘golf’]

match de tennis -- [‘match’ duh tay-NEES]

menu à la carte -- [muh-NEW ‘à la carte’]

menu enfant -- [muh-NEW awng-FAWNG]

moment suprême -- [moh-MAHNG soo-PREHM]

mousse au chocolat -- [‘mousse’ oh shoh-koh-LAH]

musique classique -- [mew-ZEEK klah-SEEK]

musique française -- [mew-ZEEK frawng-SEHZ]

numéro de fax -- [new-may-ROH duh ‘fax’]

numéro de téléphone -- [new-may-ROH duh tay-lay-FOHN]

papier toilette -- [pah-pee-YAY twah-LEHT]

portions pour enfants -- [pohr-see-YOHN poo rawng-FAWNG]

réaction allergique -- [reh-ahk-see-YOHNG ah-lehr-ZHEEK]

restaurant traditionnel français -- [reh-stoh-RAWNG trah-dee-see-yohng-NEHL frawng-SAY]

route différente -- [root dee-fay-RAWNGT]

solution pour lentilles de contact -- [soh-lew-see-YOHNG poor lawng-TEE-yuh duh kohng-TAHKT]

soup à l’oignon -- [‘soup’ ah loh-NYOHNG]

soupe de tomates -- [‘soup’ duh toh-MAHT]

station de bus -- [stah-see-YOHN duh bews]



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