Humor of British Politeness

Humor of British Politeness explains how to complain in British English.

It is a true story:


Americans Barbara Dillon and her boyfriend RJ are having dinner in an outdoor restaurant on Fiji with a British couple, Nigel and Millicent, met while traveling.

Soon after their meals arrive, all four of them agree that the food is not very good.

Barbara says, “Do you think maybe we should say something to the waiter? What would you say in England?”

Millicent says, “Oh, in England we’re too polite. We never complain in a restaurant.”

Nigel says, “Oh no, never ever.”

RJ says, “Why not? In America if the food is bad, it’s OK to say so. The restaurant should be told -- so they can improve. It’s just feedback on the food.”

Millicent says, “Nigel, maybe we should be a little more like the Americans. Maybe we should start to complain a little.”

Nigel says, “I think you’re right -- we really should voice our complaints.”

Just then the waiter comes back to their table, behind the British couple.

“How is everything?”

Taken by surprise, instantly and instinctively the British couple both answer in unison: “Oh, fine!”




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