Humor of Doing It in French

Humor of Doing It in French is based on a true story.

The young man began to chuckle as he launched into telling a story in his beautiful southern drawl:

“Last autumn I was gallivantin’ around Europe. By winter I was livin’ in France -- at the ski resort of Chamonix.

I was in the minority there, bein’ American an’ a sutherner.

I was just beginnin’ to learn a little French.

Not long after I arrived, I fell in love with this gorgeous French gal.

She only spoke a little English, but we managed to communicate.

I was plumb crazy about her.

One thing led to another, huggin’ an’ kissin’, an’ pretty soon we’re in bed together.

She seemed to like what I was doin’. Because in her heavy French accent she softly said what sounded like,

‘Do some more’.”

The young man paused in telling his story, looking lost in reverie. In his beautiful southern accent, he murmured it again, “Do suh mo.” He chuckled again. Then he resumed his story:

“So I tried to oblige her -- I got a little more athletic in mah doin’. I shifted into second gear, an’ we picked up some speed.

She seemed to like it better that way, because she said it again:

‘Do some more’.

So I turned loose an’ shifted into third gear. Now we’re poundin’ down the road of love!

And I know I’m doin’ it right, ‘cause she said it again:

‘Do some more’.”

He paused in telling the story, and chuckled again. Then he got to the climax of his story:

“So I shifted into fourth gear. An’ voila, as they say, we arrived at our destination.

As we’re a-lyin’ there tuckered out an’ soaking in the bliss, I’m silently congratulatin’ mahself on a job well done. Feelin’ mighty pleased for pleasin’ her.

Now that she’s able to catch her breath an’ get more than just a few words in edgewise, she says in her French accent:

“Cherie, I was saying in Français, ‘doucement’. I do not know word for it in English.”

The young man paused again to chuckle.

“Well, that bumfuzzled me!

So I had her spell it out, an’ I looked up that French wuhd 'doucement' in the dictionary.

It means: ‘gently’.”



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