Humor of Practical Spanish Phrases

Humor of Practical Spanish Phrases is from the book Dave Barry’s Only Travel Guide You’ll Ever Need.

Here is an excerpt from the chapter How to Speak a Foreign Language in Just 30 Minutes (Without Necessarily Having Any Idea What You Are Saying) pages 29-31.


So what you need, as a traveler, is to learn practical foreign expressions. You will want to use simple, foolproof phrases such as the following.



In the Restaurant:


Camarero, hay una mosca en mi sopa.

(“Waiter, there is a fly in my soup.”)

Pero esa mosca es atarado al pantalones.

(“But this fly is attached to a pair of pants.”)


During Festivals:


Mi (esposo, esposa) es been tramplado por toros.

(“My [husband, wife] has been trampled by bulls.”)

No, no estoy quejarsando.

(“No, I’m not complaining.”)



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