Humor of Talking German - Mark Twain

Humor of Talking German by Mark Twain is adapted from his book A Tramp Abroad [1880]:

The river was full of logs--long, slender, barkless pine logs--and we leaned on the rails of the bridge, and watched the men put them together into rafts.

I went down to the longest and finest raft and hailed the captain with a hearty "Ahoy, shipmate!" which put us upon pleasant terms at once, and we entered upon business.

I said we were on a pedestrian tour to Heidelberg, and would like to take passage with him.

I said this partly through young Z, who spoke German very well,

and partly through Mr. X, who spoke it peculiarly.

I can UNDERSTAND German as well as the maniac that invented it,

but I TALK it best through an interpreter.


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