Humor Speaking English Best

Humor Speaking English Best is a true story.

[From the book ‘Between the Lines’, by Tom Frazier]

The following humorous incident occurred when Tom Frazier was in the US Army intelligence service during World War Two:


“Once someone who had recently come from Romania became the center of interest as people gathered around him to get the latest news from Europe.

They asked him how many languages he spoke,

and he replied,

‘I speak zee Rumania, Francais, Cherman, Italiano, a little Schpanish, and Russic, and English.'

Someone in the group asked,

‘Of all those seven languages, which one do you speak the best?’

And he replied quickly in a barely decipherable accent:

‘Uf awl zee zeven lanwitches,

I speken zee Enklish zee best'.”



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