Humor Speaking Japanese Slowly

Humor Speaking Japanese Slowly is adapted from a humorous book by David Sedaris: ‘When You Are Engulfed in Flames’, with this part about struggling to learn Japanese.

Here is an excerpt from the chapter The Smoking Section, pages 262-263:


In the summer of 2006, shortly before our three-day trip to Tokyo, I bought a Japanese-language CD.

It was just the basics: “Good morning,” “May I have a fork?” that type of thing.

The person giving the English translation spoke at a normal pace,

but the one speaking Japanese, a woman, was remarkably slow and hesitant.

“Koooonniiiichiii waaa,” she’d say,

“Ooooohaaaayooooo oooooo...zaimasssssuuu.”

I memorized everything she said and arrived in Japan feeling pretty good about myself.

A bellman escorted Hugh and me out to our hotel room and, without too much trouble,I was able to tell him I liked it.

“Korrree gaaa sukiii dessssu.”

The following morning I offered a few pleasantries to the concierge,

who politely told me I was talking like a lady, an old rich one, apparently.

“You might want to speed it up a little,” he suggested.

A lot of people laughed at my Japanese on that trip,

but I never felt I was being made fun of.

Rather, it was like I’d performed a trick, something perverse and unexpected, like pulling a sausage out of my ear.

When I came to France, I was afraid to open my mouth, but in Tokyo, trying was fun.

The five dozen phrases I’d memorized before coming served me in good stead, and I left the country wanting to learn more.


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