Humor Traveling in France Alone

Humor Traveling in France Alone is a true story:

Young Barbara Dillon decided to see the world!

So that’s what she did.

All on her own, solo, alone!

She heard rumors that you could buy a plane ticket to go around the world for a year. As long as you kept going in the same direction, east or west, and picked your stops in advance, and arrived back home by day 365. [Didn’t know that, did you?]

So that’s what she bought.

She quit her job in finance in Boston, and informed her family and friends.

They were shocked, disapproving, and alarmed for her safety.

[And maybe a little envious.]

“You quit your job? You’re going where? For how long?”

“All by yourself? Solo? Alone?”

Everyone except her parents -- who are totally supportive.

Her older brothers Tom and Mike joked: “Well, I guess it’s no shoes for us this year.” “Gotta help little sister pay for her big trip!”

So off she goes, heading west -- first stop Hawaii!


She finally gets to France -- almost a year later.

By this time she is a confident world traveler. And more than a little proud of the way she has done it.

All on her own, solo, alone!

By now she knows a little French, so in conversations she casually mentions the fact that she is traveling solo.

“Je voyage seul.” [“I’m traveling alone.”]

Whenever she tells people this in France, in French, it gets little reactions out of people that secretly make her proud.

A French woman’s eyes would open wider, as if to say, “What a risque thing for a woman to do!”

An old Frenchman would purse his lips, as if to say, “What a daring thing for a woman to do!”

A young Frenchman would raise his eyebrows, as if to say, “What an adventurous thing for a woman to do!”

Until one day she mentions it to her bilingual friend Bruce.

But he starts laughing!

“Your French pronunciation is a little off.

You’re not saying: ‘I’m traveling alone!’ [Je voyage seul.]

Instead you’re telling people: ‘Je voyage soûl.’ [I’m traveling drunk!]”



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