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Knowing which foreign words are similar to English will primarily help you begin these Easiest Foreign Languages more easily.

But this will also increase your understanding of your native English language.

You will see how many English words are spelled the way they are because of their foreign origin.

You will see which foreign words have retained their usefulness in everyday English.

You will also see which foreign words have been relegated to being rarely used synonyms for more frequently used English words.

You will also learn more about words in English that still seem foreign, especially ones you may have seen or heard before but aren’t sure how to pronounce or spell.

You may also find some useful new words for your English vocabulary.

So while using this web site as the best way to begin Easiest Foreign Languages, you will also learn more about English as a side benefit.

Just as when you learned English, you were unwittingly learning quite a bit about Easiest Foreign Languages also.

What you learn may surprise you. For example, have you ever wondered why the traditional call that goes out from a sinking ship is "Mayday! Mayday!"? Does it arouse your curiosity to wonder how sinking in a ship can possibly be connected with a day in May? The answer is that the cry for help was originally French. To English ears it sounds like "Mayday", but the original French cry is spelled "M'aidez," meaning "aid me" or help.




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