Inglés Next Step Ten Minutes A Day

Inglés Next Step en 10 Minutos al Dia, after Easiest English for Spanish speakers, is a good next step using Inglés in 10 Minutes a Day, a foreign language instruction book.


Certain features of Inglés in 10 Minutes a Day makes it a good next step to follow Easiest English for Spanish speakers:

• “Free Words” similar to English at the bottom of each page in groups of five.

• Explanatory paragraphs in Spanish with some English words mixed in. This starts you reading English words in an easy way.

• “Don’t Overdo It.” So only ten minutes a day, but every day.

• Easy key words for a large English vocabulary.

• Easy system of pronunciation above each English word.

• Illustrations throughout the book.

• English words on yellow sticky labels to put on items in your house.

• Computer software CD-ROM with English flash cards and more English labels.

• English Flash cards.

• English Puzzles.

• English Quizzes.

• Only 130 pages.



All Titles Available

The available titles relevant to the Easiest Languages Series are:

• Spanish in 10 minutes a day

• French in 10 minutes a day

• Italian in 10 minutes a day

• Portuguese in 10 minutes a day

• German in 10 minutes a day

• Norwegian in 10 minutes a day

• Inglés in 10 minutes a day


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Easiest Languages have thousands of words similar to English, so:

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