Italian Spelled Like English

Italian Spelled Like English are some of the easiest words in Italian for English speakers.

The Italian words below are followed by their pronunciations to help you realize that these foreign words spelled exactly like English are really Italian words.

Some of the following Italian words spelled like English are recently borrowed from English, like 'computer' and 'internet'.

Others are Italian words for foods borrowed by English, like familiar ‘pizza’ and others less familiar like ‘puttanesca’. You may or may not be familiar with all of these, depending on whether you dine in Italian restaurants, but they all are common Italian foods served in English-speaking countries, and have become or are becoming English words.

Some others words have been borrowed from French ['ballet'] or from other languages by both English and Italian.

In the following pronunciation guide, Italian words pronounced like English are enclosed in single quotation marks, as in: bar [‘bar’].

To keep Italian pronunciation easiest, Italian words are shown to have a similar pronunciation to English if the stress is on the same syllable, and the letters are pronounced enough alike that Italian people will probably understand what you mean if you pronounce those words as you do in English. You may merely sound like you have a ‘English accent’ in Italian.

Later you can listen to how Italian people pronounce them, and try to mimic any small differences in pronunciation to make them sound more authentically Italian.

For example, the letter –i- in Italian is always pronounced ‘-ee-’ [whereas in English it is often pronounced ‘-ih-’]

For another example, the letter –a- in Italian is always pronounced ‘-ah-’ as it also is in England [whereas elsewhere in some cases in English it is pronounced [-eh-’] or various other ways.


Italian Spelled Like English


acne -- [‘acne’]

amaretto -- [‘amaretto’]

American Express -- [‘American Express’]

antipasto -- [‘antipasto’]

alfredo -- [‘alfredo’]

area -- [‘area’]

arrabbiata -- [‘arrabbiata’]

audio -- [OW-dyoh]

Australia -- [‘Australia’]

auto -- [OW-toh]

avocado -- [‘avocado’]

babysitter -- [bah-bee-SEET-tehr]

banana -- [‘banana’]

bar -- [‘bar’]

barbecue -- [‘barbecue’]

baseball -- [‘baseball’]

basketball -- [‘basketball’]

beige -- [beyj]

bikini -- [‘bikini’]

biscotti -- [‘biscotti’]

bolognese -- [‘bolognese’]

boutique -- [‘boutique’]

brandy -- [‘brandy’]

broadband -- [‘broadband’]

broccoli -- [‘broccoli’]

buffet (style) -- [‘buffet’]

bus (shuttle) -- [boos]

business -- [BEES-nehs]

caddy -- [‘caddy’]

calamari -- [‘calamari’]

calypso -- [‘calypso’]

camper (vehicle) -- [‘camper’]

Canada -- [‘Canada’]

canneloni -- [‘canneloni’]

cannoli -- [‘cannoli’]

cappuccino -- [‘cappuccino’]

carpaccio -- [‘carpaccio’]

cashmere -- [‘cashmere’]

casinò -- [kah-zee-NOH]

CD -- [chee-DEE]

Celsius -- [‘Celsius’]

cent (euro) -- [‘cent’]

champagne -- [shahm-PAHN-yeh]

check-in (hotel / airport) -- [‘check-in’]

cinema -- [CHEE-neh-mah]

club -- [‘club’]

cocktail (shrimp) -- [‘cocktail’]

cognac -- [‘cognac’]

computer -- [‘computer’]

consommé -- [‘consommé’]

cracker -- [‘cracker’]

crostini -- [‘crostini’]

dessert -- [‘dessert’]

diesel -- [‘diesel’]

Diner’s Club -- [‘Diner’s Club’]

Discover (credit card) -- [‘Discover’]

driving range -- [‘driving range’]

duty-free -- [‘duty-free’]

DVD -- [dee-voo-DEE]

e-mail -- [‘e-mail’]

espresso -- [‘espresso’]

euro -- [EH-oo-roh]

extra -- [‘extra’]

extra large -- [‘extra large’]

fast food -- [‘fast food’]

fax -- [‘fax’]

fettuccine -- [‘fettuccine’]

foto -- [‘foto’]

film (movie) -- [‘film’]

fitness -- [‘fitness’]

fragile -- [FRAH-jee-leh]

freezer -- [‘freezer’]

fritatta -- [‘fritatta’]

full-time -- [‘full-time’]

fusilli -- [‘fusilli’]

gay -- [‘gay’]

gelato -- [‘gelato’]

gin -- [‘gin’]

gnocchi [‘gnocchi’] [NYOHK-kee]

golf -- [‘golf’]

golf carts -- [‘golf carts’]

gorgonzola -- [‘gorgonzola’]

guava -- [‘guava’]

hamburger -- [ahm-BOOR-gehr]

hip hop -- [‘hip hop’]

hotel -- [oh-TEHL] [‘hotel’]

in -- [een]

instant messenger -- [‘instant messenger’]

internet -- [‘internet’]

iTunes -- [‘iTunes’]

jazz -- [‘jazz’]

jeans -- [‘jeans’]

jogging -- [‘jogging’]

ketchup -- [‘ketchup’]

king size -- [‘king-size’]

kiwi -- [‘kiwi’]

kosher -- [‘kosher’]

lager -- [‘lager’]

lasagne -- [‘lasagne’]

latte -- [‘latte’]

lift pass -- [‘lift pass’]

linguine -- [‘linguine’]

limosine -- [‘limosine’]

Mac (computer) -- [‘Mac’]

mango -- [‘mango’]

manicure -- [MAH-nee-koo-reh]

marinara -- [‘marinara’]

MasterCard -- [‘MasterCard’]

menú -- [meh-NOO]

minestrone -- [‘minestrone’]

minibar -- [‘minibar’]

motel -- [‘motel’]

mozzarella -- [‘mozzarella’]

muesli -- [MWEH-slee]

muffin -- [MAHF-feen]

nausea -- [NOW-zeh-ah]

New Age (music) -- [‘New Age’]

night-club -- [‘nightclub’]

no -- [‘no’]

oh -- ‘[oh’]

OK -- [‘OK’]

opera -- [‘opera’]

orchestra (symphony) -- [ohr-KEHS-trah]

osso buco -- [‘osso buco’]

papaya -- [‘papaya’]

parmigiano -- [‘parmigiano’]

partner (relationship) -- [‘partner’]

part-time -- [‘part-time’]

password (computer) -- [‘password’]

paté -- [‘paté’]

PC (computer) -- [‘PC’]

pedicure -- [PEH-dee-koo-reh]

penne -- [‘penne’]

pesto -- [‘pesto’]

piano bar -- [‘piano bar’]

picnic -- [PEEK-neek]

pilsner -- [‘pilsner’]

pizza -- [‘pizza’]

pizzeria -- [‘pizzeria’]

polenta -- [‘polenta’]

pomodoro -- [‘pomodoro’]

pop (music) -- [‘pop’]

popcorn -- [‘popcorn’]

premium (fuel) -- [‘premium’]

prosciutto -- [‘prosciutto’]

provelone -- [‘provelone’]

puttanesca -- [‘puttanesca’]

radicchio -- [‘radicchio’]

ragu -- [‘ragu’]

rap (music) -- [‘rap’]

reggae -- [‘reggae’]

ricotta -- [‘ricotta’]

rigatoni -- [‘rigatoni’]

risotto -- [‘risotto’]

rock ‘n’ roll -- [‘rock ‘n’ roll’]

rum -- [room]

salsa -- [‘salsa’]

sardine -- [sahr-DEE-neh]

sauna -- [SAH-ow-nah]

scaloppine -- [‘scaloppine’]

scooter -- [‘scooter’]

scotch -- [‘scotch’]

shampoo -- [‘shampoo’]

sherry -- [‘sherry’]

shopping -- [‘shopping’]

single -- [‘single’]

ski lift -- [‘ski lift’]

snorkeling -- [‘snorkeling’]

snowboard [‘snowboard’]

soft spikes (golf) -- [‘soft spikes’]

souvenir -- [‘souvenir’]

spaghetti -- [‘spaghetti’]

sport -- [‘sport’]

squash (sport) -- [‘squash’]

stop (road sign) -- [‘stop’]

suite -- [‘suite’]

super (fuel) -- [‘super’]

surf -- [‘surf’]

taxi -- [‘taxi’]

techno (music) -- [‘techno’]

tee time -- [‘tee time’]

tennis -- [‘tennis’]

tequila -- [‘tequila’]

terminal (airport) -- [tehr-mee-NAHL]

tiramisù -- [‘tiramisù’]

tofu -- [‘tofu’]

torso -- [‘torso’]

tortellini -- [‘tortellini’]

tub -- [‘tub’]

TV (broadcast) -- [tee-VOO] [set is televisore]

USB (computer port) -- [oo-ehseh-bee]

vagina -- [vah-DZHEE-nah]

vermouth -- [VEHR-mooth]

Visa (credit card) -- [‘Visa’]

vodka -- [‘vodka’]

volts, 110 & 220 -- [‘volts’]

vongole -- [‘vongole’]

weekend -- [week-EHND] [‘weekend’]

western (movie) -- [‘Western’]

whisky -- [‘whisky’]

wireless (internet) -- [‘wireless’]

wi-fi -- [‘wi-fi’]

wow -- [‘wow’]

XL -- [‘XL’]

yogurt -- [‘yogurt’]

ziti -- [TSEE-tee]

zoo -- [dzoh-oh]

zucchini -- [‘zucchini’]



Most foreign words related to English are spelled differently than English, but are still easy to recognize as related to English.

For a greater challenge go to Italian Spelled Somewhat Like English for words similar to English but spelled differently.

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