Next Steps in English for Spanish-Speakers

Next Steps in English for Spanish-speakers:

After the first step on this Easiest Foreign Languages web site enables you to read and pronounce thousands of English words similar to Spanish, what should your next steps be?

For adult beginners, reading English is easiest.

Second Step: READING MORE ENGLISH. Because Spanish and Easiest English share many words that look alike in print, the easiest ability for you to continue to develop will be reading more in English. You can read at your own pace, unlike being forced to keep up when trying to listen.

Reading English will be helpful if you travel. You will find that reading some English will help enable you to read your way around England or the United States, for example, because finding your way depends so much on reading, even more than speaking and listening.

Third Step: LISTENING. Listening to understand spoken English is more difficult than reading and will develop much more slowly, because the sounds of English differ greatly from Spanish -- and foreigners seem to speak so fast. However, listening to instructional audio as a second step is a good way to begin learning to understand all those English sounds.

Fourth Step: SPEAKING. Speaking English is more difficult to learn than reading or listening. The pronunciation patterns of English are different than the ones you are used to in Spanish. Even many of the English words spelled identically to Spanish ones are pronounced differently.

Fifth Step: Writing English. The most complex skill, writing will develop last, as it does in your native language.


Easiest English is the easiest start of the simplest learning sequence for adult beginners:

1. Seeing words similar to Spanish in Easiest English: This focuses on single English words you already know from Spanish, enabling you to begin to read a little English.

2. Saying the English words similar to Spanish. In Easiest English, pronounce single English words, learning the English variation of words you already know how to pronounce in Spanish.

3. The Ten Easy English Lessons on this web site are the easiest way to begin learning Sp, because you will find out how much you know about English just because you know Spanish.

4. Listening to Audio of Tourist Phrases for English: Progress from familiar single words in steps one and two above toward listening to spoken English. Then saying short English phrases useful for travel.

5. Studying an Instructional Course in English: Progress from phrases to complete sentences, and English grammar required for sentences.


Links for Next Steps in English:


APRENDA INGLES FACIL Y RAPIDO: Learn English the Fast and Fun Way for Spanish Speakers, by Alicia Arnaldo

INGLES PARA LATINOS & CD, by William Harvey

1001 PALABRAS INGLESAS MAS UTILES PARA HISPANOPARLANTES, 1001 Most Useful Spanish Words (Beginners’ Guides), by Seymour Resnick [no pronunciations]

INGLÉS INDISPENSABLE, Todo lo que necessita para sobrevivir en inglés, by Berlitz [no pronunciations]

Spanish English Visual Bilingual Dictionary, by DK Publishing



DOMINE LO BASICO: Ingles: Mastering the Basics of English for Spanish Speakers, by Jean Yates

For advanced beginners and intermediates.

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