Press Release Easiest Language Lessons

Press Release: Easiest Language Lessons

Easiest Language Lessons Announced by Easiest Foreign Languages


The very easiest language lessons ever developed have been announced by the Easiest Foreign Languages website. This is good news for travelers, students, and anyone who has ever dreamed of someday learning a foreign language. And these easiest language lessons are free.


A new website,, has discovered that the very easiest way to begin some foreign languages is by starting with what people already know about these languages just because they know English.

And obviously nothing could be easier than that.

This is the very easiest way possible to begin a foreign language because it is an easy Review of English that is a quick Preview of a Foreign Language.

It is made possible because thousands of foreign words are similar to English, especially in writing.

So even without ever having taken a foreign language course, total beginners will be amazed to find they can already read a surprising amount in the following ten easiest languages: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and even Romanian.

Each of these foreign languages has thousands of words similar to English, which are much easier for beginners to read and remember than any foreign words unrelated to English.

In each language, the words similar to English can be thought of as Easiest French, Easiest Spanish, and Easiest Italian, etc.

Here’s an example of Easiest French: Mon nom est Paul. J’ai réservé un appartement. Je suis allergique à la pénicilline. Informez ma famille. Où sont des toilettes accessibles aux handicapés?

Example of Easiest Spanish: Es urgente. Mi teléfono no funciona. ¿Es éste el tren a Guadalajara? ¿Está incluido servicio?

Easiest Italian: Ci sono messaggi per me? Avete informazioni su un’escursione a Roma? C’è un’audio guida in inglese? Quanto costa per un’ora? C’è la toilette per i disabili? C’è un problema. L’aria condizionata non funziona.

On the new website -- read-ten-languages.html -- are examples of all ten Easiest Foreign Languages that beginners will be able to read.

Beginners can discover how much they know about these easiest languages just because they know English. They will recognize more foreign words than they realize.

Beginners can read easiest foreign words related to English at their own pace, unlike being forced to keep up while trying to listen or speak in a foreign language course.

For the first time ever, it is possible in advance for beginners to read easy samples of foreign languages they might like, to decide which language might be easiest or most interesting for them.


Easiest Foreign Languages has developed the very Easiest Lessons for beginners.

To date, Easiest Language Lessons for Beginners have been developed for three of these Easiest Foreign Languages:




These new lessons are easiest because they include everything that beginners already know about these foreign languages just because they know English -- so each lesson takes only minutes to skim through -- no study required.

And these Easiest Lessons are free on

For example, Easy French Lessons are the very easiest way to begin French. Novices can quickly begin French in ten easy lessons that simply reveal how much they already know about French just because they know English. This is an easy Review of English that is a quick Preview of French.

Each set of Easiest Language Lessons consists of 10 very easy lessons.

Starting with the greatest similarities to written English, each successive lesson will take you easily and gradually a step further -- toward slight differences between English and the foreign language.

Lesson One begins by explaining how these foreign languages are easiest because so many foreign words are similar to English.

Lesson Two introduces Cognates -- the foreign words similar to English.

Lesson Three reveals many English Words in each Foreign Language.

Lesson Four: Foreign Words in English.

Lesson Five: Foreign Words Spelled Like English.

Lesson Six: Foreign Words with Accent Marks.

Lesson Seven: Foreign Words Spelled Somewhat Like English, with part of the word spelled like English, but other parts spelled differently than English.

Lesson Eight reveals foreign words that look similar to English but have different meanings -- although somehow related enough to suggest the correct meaning of each foreign words.

For example, "LIBRARIE" in French means bookstore. So LIBRARIE in French is different from the English word it resembles (library) because it means bookstore, but similar in that both have to do with books, making it easier to remember.

Lesson Nine introduces False Cognates -- treacherous foreign words that that can be misleading because they look like English words but have different meanings.

Lesson Ten reveals Foreign Words You Know How to Pronounce from English.

Sound similarities are far fewer than spelling similarities to English. So this last lesson will take you a step farther from the likenesses between the languages toward the differences. It will prepare you for the logical next steps of learning: listening to and then speaking a foreign language.

So anyone who always wished they knew a foreign language will find out they already do -- just because they know English.

Everyone who always dreamed of taking a foreign language course some day now has a way to begin a foreign language easier than they ever thought possible.

Beginners will discover that they are already ready for any language course they might want to take, with these foreign words similar to English.

Go to to find out all about these Easiest Language Lessons.

Nothing could be easier!



The new Easiest Foreign Languages website has been developed to help more students begin foreign languages the easiest way. It reveals that many foreign words are similar to English, especially in writing, and shows students how much they know about easiest foreign languages just because they know English. This free resource has been developed by Robert Masters, who previously served as a consultant for Roget’s II Thesaurus.

For more information, please contact:

Robert Masters

Easiest Foreign Languages

PO Box 10367, Lahaina, Hawaii, 96761



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