Press Release: Aid for Language Teachers

Press Release: Innovative Aid for Foreign Language Teachers

Innovative Aid for Language Teachers Announced by Easiest Foreign Languages Website

A new website, Easiest Foreign Languages, announces a free innovative aid for language teachers that reveals to beginning students how much already they already know about foreign languages – just because they know English. This news is just in time for the upcoming school year, and will enable teachers to help their students get an easy head start for their foreign language courses.

The new website -- -- reveals many foreign words are similar to English, especially in writing. So even without ever having taken a foreign language course, students can already read a surprising amount in the following easiest languages widely taught in schools: Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Also, students will discover they can already read these less widely taught languages: Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and even Romanian.

Each of these foreign languages has thousands of words similar to English, which are easier for students to read and remember than any foreign words unrelated to English.

Being able read thousands of foreign words related to English will help students get a head start for any school courses in these easiest foreign languages.

In each language, the words similar to English can be thought of as Easiest French, Easiest Spanish, Easiest Italian, Easiest German.

Here’s an example of Easiest French: Mon nom est Paul. J’ai réservé un appartement. Je suis allergique à la pénicilline. Informez ma famille. Où sont des toilettes accessibles aux handicapés?

Students can read easiest foreign words related to English at their own pace, before being forced to keep up when trying to listen to and speak a foreign language in class.

So now students can get ready for their language courses quickly and easily, with these foreign words similar to English, that will make their schoolwork much easier.

For example, Easy French Lessons on this website are the very easiest way for all students to begin French. Students can quickly begin French in ten easy lessons that simply reveal how much they already know about French just because they know English. This is an easy Review of English that is a quick Preview of French -- no study required. For example, Easy French Lesson 10 Pronunciation reveals how much students already know about pronouncing French from the French words they know how to pronounce in English.

So any students who want to get an easy head start in French that will give them a great advantage over other students and the ability to get higher grades in their beginning language classes will take a little time to glance through these Easiest French Lessons before school begins.

Also for the first time ever, it is possible in advance for teachers to enable students read easy samples of the foreign languages they might consider taking, to decide which language might be easiest for them, or most interesting, and in only a few hours.

Students can discover how much they know about these easiest languages just because they know English. They will recognize more foreign words than they realize. This will make it easier for them when they begin their foreign language courses.

Also, this innovation will help teachers involve parents, especially ones who do not know a foreign language but always wished they did, and will find out they already do -- just because they know English. So parents without a foreign language background will now have a way to help their child begin a foreign language.

Teachers can encourage parents and their children to take this opportunity to read through these Easiest Foreign Language Lessons together, so both students and parents can benefit.

Go to to find out all about the Easiest Foreign Language Lessons for Easiest French, Spanish, and Italian.


The new Easiest Foreign Languages website has been developed to help more students begin foreign languages the easiest way. It reveals that many foreign words are similar to English, especially in writing, and shows students how much they know about easiest foreign languages just because they know English. This free resource has been developed by Robert Masters, who previously served as a consultant for Roget’s II Thesaurus, which is much used in schools.

For more information, please contact:

Robert Masters

Easiest Foreign Languages

PO Box 10367, Lahaina, Hawaii, 96761



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