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You Can Read Easy German:

Do you know that you can read some easy German, even if you never had a German lesson!

Because so many German words resemble English words, you will be able to get the gist of some German writing just by reading the German words that resemble English words.

You probably will not be able to make out entire sentences, but you should be able to understand enough German words and phrases to get the main ideas.

The German words may not mean exactly the same thing as the English words they resemble, but they usually mean something similar.

You will understand the meanings of many main words that resemble English, so you might be able to figure out the meanings of some of the other German words.


Few people ever attempt to read a foreign language unless they have studied it, but the truth is that the many words similar to English will enable you to read some in these Easiest Foreign Languages if you try.

All ten Easiest Foreign Languages having thousands of words similar to English are easier to read compared to any other foreign language.

German may be one of the the easiest foreign language for you to read because German was the original source of many words in English. So when you try to read German you be able to understand some because so many German words have entered English.


Read German When You Travel

These German passages demonstrate that the many words in German similar to English will enable you to attempt to read some of the German writing you will encounter on a visit to Germany, or any other German-speaking country.

So when you see German in print, you can skim through it looking for words you recognize as related to English.

When you travel, recognizing even a few words related to English can be of help to you in foreign countries.

Seeing German words similar to English will enable you to begin to read some German.

You can try to read German at your own pace, unlike being forced to keep up when trying to listen to a foreigner speak German.

Since so many German words resemble English, it makes sense to take advantage of your entire lifetime of experience with the English words that resemble German words.

Although many Europeans can speak English, some still cannot speak English. For tourists, learning to read some German words is a crucial ability to develop because it permits tourists to get by even though they are unable to speak German, nor able to understand what German people might say to them in German.


Learning a foreign language is never EASY.

But some foreign languages are EASIER than others.

German, with many words like English, is one of the EASIEST.


Read Easiest German Words in English Sentences.

Read Easiest German Example Sentences.


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