See It and Say It Books

After Easiest Languages, a good next step is the See It and Say It series of foreign language instruction books.

[by Margarita Madrigal with co-authors of each nationality].


The titles relevant to the Easiest Languages Series are:

• See It and Say It in Spanish

• See It and Say It in French

• See It and Say It in Italian

• See It and Say It in German



Certain features of the See It and Say It series of books make them a good next step to follow the Easiest Languages Series:

• Features foreign words similar to English [as in Easiest Foreign Languages]. “If you can speak English, you can teach yourself Spanish.”

• Word and picture method: Each new word or sentence is accompanied by a line drawing that instantly explains its meaning. Illustrations throughout the books.

• Each page contains one lesson.

• Conversation lessons in short sentences about familiar everyday situations.

• Repetition to help you remember.

• Exercises to test your progress.

• Progressively adds foreign words to your vocabulary.

• Easy key words for a large vocabulary.

• Short traveler's word guide of words used in restaurants, hotels, and stores.

• Small dictionary.

• Inexpensive.

• Series in print and in use continuously since 1962.



• No phonetic pronunciation for each word, so more helpful for reading than speaking (more for 'see it' than 'say it').

• Old-fashioned, from 1962.


RAVE REVIEWS BY USERS [can be read in full at]

• “I thought it was impossible to acquire a foreign language - until this book.”

• “Its refreshing how you can do a short lesson, how ever many pages you want to do and not really have to commit to some intense study regime, so its great if you’re a busy person.”

• “I guess that the pictures help reinforce the learning process, but that's not what makes this book great. It's the grouping of the ideas on the page that makes it so comprehensible. Not only do the "lessons" logically progress, each one also stands on its own as a useful learning experience. This confirms the author's claim that each page is a lesson unto itself.”

• “At first I thought it might be juvenile and a bit too easy....well it was easy,....and it worked! I was remembering without really trying!”

• “This way of learning is highly intuitive so that you feel like you are making progress almost effortlessly.”

• “It's a great book for slowly building to a conversational understanding of the language.”

• “I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book as a prerequisite to any high school or college course.”

• “This is a ‘must have’ book. Yes, you may quickly outgrow it, but you will find yourself referring to it often as you continue your studies.”

• “I have many books I use that are much more detailed than this one but I love this book! ”

• “Even though it looks like a kids’ book, it helps you to learn the words and phrases much more easier.”

• “It’s definitely from the 60's, kinda old fashioned, very insignificant looking and super inexpensive BUT it is a total gem and I’m so glad I bought it.”

• “I've worked through this paperback a handful of times and still gladly refer to and use it.”

• “In a nutshell, while it might look simple and insignificant...don’t let appearances fool you...this book totally rocks.”


Below are links to descriptions of each of the See It and Say It series of foreign language instruction books:

Description of : See It and Say It in Spanish.

Description of : See It and Say It in French.

Description of : See It and Say It in Italian.

Description of : See It and Say It in German.


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