Spanish Next Step - Magic Key To Spanish

Spanish Next Step Magic Key To Spanish, after Easiest Spanish, is a good next step using Madrigal’s Magic Key To Spanish, a foreign language instruction book, by Margarita Madrigal.

Certain features of Madrigal’s Magic Key To Spanish makes it a good next step to try after Easiest Spanish, and after Spanish in 10 Minutes a Day:


• Features thousands of Spanish words similar to English, for a large Spanish vocabulary.

• Words similar to English are in “…long lists of words that you get free, without toil or struggle…” “These words are wonderful because you don’t have to memorize them or even study them to any extent.”

• Usually in print since it was first written in back in 1951, so it has been in demand and must have proven helpful to many people over the years, or it probably would have gone out of print.

• Original Illustrations by Andy Warhol, or as credited on an early edition: Andrew Warhol. Charming but simplistic line drawings.

• 496 pages supply many words similar to English.



• No pronunciations with all the Spanish words, only a pronunciation key of two pages at the start of the book. This means this book is more helpful for reading Spanish than speaking Spanish.

• Misguided recommendation to “convert English words into Spanish words”, seemingly the “Magic Key to Spanish” of the title. [“…it will actually be within your power to convert English words into Spanish words.” “…with a few hints you yourself can form these words.” “In fact, you already know thousands of English words that become Spanish words if you change them very slightly.”] This is an extreme attempt to use the similarities between languages. It proposes that you compose your words in English as you usually do, then convert them as you speak into their related Spanish equivalents. This would make speaking Spanish easier, if only it were possible to do this.

But the weakness of this approach is that you as a beginner do not know which English words can be converted into Spanish, and which ones cannot, and so that must be learned. The fact that no other foreign language instructional materials use this approach means that over fifty years it has been judged to be ineffective.

• Retains old style it was first written in back in 1951.

• 496 pages is a lot to read through.



“…you know several thousand Spanish words even if you have never seen or heard a Spanish word before. You are not aware of these words simply because they have not been pointed out to you. In this book I’m going to show you how easy it is to learn Spanish by showing you how much you already know.”

“It is encouraging to know that you can identify thousands upon thousands of Spanish words at sight.”

“…you can start out on your adventure of learning Spanish with a large, ready-made vocabulary.”

“It is the essence of this method to make learning Spanish a pleasure.”

“This method has proved successful with more than a quarter of a million people in the span of a few years.”

“It is very easy to build a large vocabulary of Spanish words.”

“…there is a great similarity between English and Spanish. This is of tremendous advantage to you, for it will help you learn very quickly.”


Titles in the Series:

The available titles relevant to the Easiest Languages Series are:

• Madrigal’s Magic Key To Spanish [Usually in print and available in bookstores.]

• Madrigal’s Magic Key To French [Possibly out of print, but sometimes available as a used book.]

• Madrigal’s Magic Key To German [Possibly out of print, but sometimes available as a used book.]


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