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Spanish for Reading by Fabiola Franco and Karl Sandberg is a book that is a good next step after Easiest Spanish.

Spanish for Reading is a programmed text for reading Spanish for beginners.

It begins with similarities between words in Spanish and English.

Each of the book's fifteen chapters concludes with a reading passage.

The first reading passages are quite easy to comprehend.

Successive passages are increasingly complex and sophisticated.




Spanish for Reading has certain features that make it a good next step to follow Easiest Spanish on this Easiest-Foreign-Languages web site:

• Spanish for Reading is book that beginners in Spanish can actually read—from the very first day of study.

• Spanish for Reading is based on the idea that the best way to learn a language is to start reading it, immediately as a beginner, and that you learn quickest simply by reading. It works, partly because English and Spanish share so many words and concepts.

• This is a structured book for teaching yourself to read Spanish (not to speak or write it).

• Uses programmed learning: incremental increases, instant feedback, and very logical approach.

• It uses elementary vocabulary.

• Everything explains itself, except for a small number of definitions for new vocabulary words you may not know.

• Suitable for a brand-new beginner or advanced-beginner.

• Some basic knowledge of Spanish will help you maximize results with this book.

• Gives you confidence that you can read Spanish.

• Begins with simple essays on Spain's and the Spanish-speaking world's language, geography, and culture.

• This book will have you reading complex paragraphs in 15 minutes.

• Features readings that progress in difficulty to allow you to rapidly build your comprehension.

• Later passages are excerpts from well-known works by world renowned Spanish writers, including Jorge Luis Borges, Pablo Neruda, and Gabriel Garcia-Marquez.

• This enables you to read and understand these passages in their original, unedited Spanish, without need to seek outside help.

• No drills, no looking up vocabulary, nothing but reading, at an interesting, intelligent level.

• A good an introduction to Spanish culture.

• Spanish for Reading can be used as a textbook supplement in classrooms or by anybody who is teaching himself Spanish.

• If you need to learn Spanish to read, it is all you need to start with; if you need to learn Spanish to write or speak, it is still the best way to start.


Customer Review (adapted from

“I have tried to learn Spanish for quite a few years now. It's mostly been a slap-dash self-taught effort, with the help of instructional books and dictionaries. No formal training except for a few barely-remembered semesters of Spanish in high school.

I mostly have tried to ‘read’ in Spanish (though writing/speaking are future goals).

I was getting decent comprehension, though at times it was like looking through a dirty window--you get the basic idea of what's going on, but some of the color and detail are lost.

After a while, real life intervened and I had to drop my progress with Spanish reading. Now just recently I've decided to try again, and was fortunate to discover this book, which is JUST what I'm looking for.

Prior to getting this book, reading Spanish was frustrating because I wasn't "connecting the dots" consistently.

Now, less than two weeks after starting this book, it's like a light switch has been turned on. I honestly feel like my understanding of Spanish is "clearer" and more fluid than it was (though don't get me wrong, I still have a ways to go!)

In large part that is due to being taught the "right" way this time around--being introduced to tenses and turns of phrase and many other good things that I didn't properly familiarize myself with in the past. (Too impatient, I guess.)”


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