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EASIEST FRENCH Series of Books

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EASIEST FRENCHFor Travelers and Students

In the Easiest French book, you will begin to find out how much you know about French just because you know English.

Next you may want to go on to find out all the other things you know about French just because you know English – in the other EASIEST FRENCH Books in the Series.





With this Easiest French Series of books, you will see how very easy it can be to get ready to travel in France, or begin learning French.

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Anyone can now begin to learn a foreign language the easiest way.

Students can choose the best foreign language to study in school.

Students can get an easy head start on the language they will study.

Someone might need to gain confidence to succeed in foreign languages.

Foreigners can learn Easiest English relating to their languages.

Many people need to become bilingual for Spanish in the USA.

Travelers headed for Europe can get ready for ten languages.

Travelers to Mexico and Central America can prepare for Spanish.

Travelers to South America can prepare for Spanish & Portuguese.

Travelers to Caribbean islands can ease into Dutch and French.

Travelers to Montreal and Quebec can pick up French to get by.

Some might resume a language they started to study in the past.

Someone might finally begin a language they always hoped to learn.

Someone might want to start to become a multilingual polyglot.

Since so many foreign words resemble English, it makes sense for people to take advantage of their entire lifetime experience with those look-alike words. They have spent their lives with these English words that resemble foreign words. They know how to pronounce them, what they mean, how to use them in conversation, all without thinking about them consciously. Think a thought and these words spring to mind. So will their foreign relatives, perhaps just a little more slowly.



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Easiest Languages have thousands of words similar to English, so:

“This is The Easiest Way to Begin Learning Foreign Languages.”

Helping More People Begin Foreign Languages The Easiest Way.