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EASIEST FRENCH Series of Books

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EASIEST FRENCHFor Travelers and Students

In the Easiest French book, you will begin to find out how much you know about French just because you know English.

Next you may want to go on to find out all the other things you know about French just because you know English – in the other EASIEST FRENCH Books in the Series.





With this Easiest French Series of books, you will see how very easy it can be to get ready to travel in France, or begin learning French.

Minimum words needed for every language total about 800 each.

Those 800 words are sufficient for 80% of every day use.

Each Easiest Language reveals that you already know something about 3,000 foreign words related to English, 1,000 of them are Travel Words.

Eight hundred words account for eighty percent of daily communication in every language. So each Easiest Language gives you a great head start on the 800 key foreign words needed for the foreign languages of your choice.

The 3,000 foreign words related to English in each Easiest Language include many nouns. So you instantly learn the names of many things you will be seeing on your travels.

Each Easiest Language has one thousand Travel Words similar to English that you can glance over in one hour. So you will have an instant vocabulary to use on your travels.

Each Easiest Language is a quick overview of all the foreign words you already know something about just because you know English. In effect, it is a review of English that is a preview of foreign language.

Since so many foreign words resemble English, it makes sense to take advantage of your entire lifetime experience with those look-alike words. You have spent your entire life with these English words that resemble foreign words. You know how to pronounce them, what they mean, how to use them in conversation, all without thinking about them consciously. Think a thought and these words spring to mind. So will their foreign relatives, perhaps just a little more slowly.


Learning a foreign language is never EASY.

But some foreign languages are EASIER than others.

Languages with many words like English are EASIEST.



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Easiest Languages have thousands of words similar to English, so:

“This is The Easiest Way to Begin Learning Foreign Languages.”

Helping More People Begin Foreign Languages The Easiest Way.